Green Roads Coupon

Green Roads Coupon

Green Roads is a pharmacist-owned CBD company that utilizes pharmaceutical knowledge to create some of the most effective CBD products on the market. The brand considers customers to be “patients” and has created a wide range of products to suit their unique needs.

Green Roads Highlights

  • Pharmacist-owned
  • Effective products

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Green Roads Coupon

Our current Green Roads coupon code for January 2022 is CBDINSIDER for 15% off.

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Will These Coupon Codes Work?

Yes, our coupon codes are guaranteed to work every time because we work directly with Green Roads to make them available to you.

It’s in your best interest to bookmark this page and check it every time you’re ready to purchase as we often update this page with new Green Roads coupons.

Where do these Green Roads Coupons come from?

Our team negotiates directly with personnel from Green Roads to get the best deals for people like you who simply want the best products at the lowest prices.

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How do I use a Green Roads Coupon Code?

To use a Green Roads coupon code:

  • First, go to
  • Next, add all the products you want to your cart.
  • Enter our discount code to the right of your cart and click “Apply.”
  • After you click “Apply,” the total should update to reflect the discount and show you how much you’ve saved.
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Are There Any Restrictions on the Green Roads Discount?

There are only a few common coupon restrictions associated with our CBDINSIDER code.

First, coupon codes cannot be stacked with other codes.

For example, you cannot combine our 15% code with a 5% coupon for a total of 20% off your order (although that would be awesome).

Second, coupon codes are only applicable to Green Roads products found on

While you may find Green Roads products on other sites, you can only use valid Green Roads coupons on the official company site.

Other than that, there are no special restrictions on our code.

Is Your Green Roads Coupon Sitewide?

Yes, coupon code CBDINSIDER is applicable to every product on the entire Green Roads site.

When do the Green Roads Coupons Expire?

Our 15% off Green Roads coupon code CBDINSIDER is an evergreen code, meaning that it will never expire.

When we have other coupon codes, we will make sure to let you know when they expire right here:

Is There a Limit on How Much I Can Save With the Green Roads Promo Code?

There is no limit to how much you can save.

You will get 15% off your entire order if you use coupon code CBDINSIDER.

As far as we are aware, there is no limit on how much you can purchase or save at Green Roads.

You can use our coupon code for multiple orders as well.

Is There a Green Roads Coupon for Free Shipping?

Green Roads has no coupon code for free shipping but all orders worth $50 or more qualify for free shipping.

According to the Green Roads site, orders ship out after about 2-3 days of processing.

Expedited shipping can sometimes be purchased for varying prices.

Does Green Roads Offer a Veterans/Military Discount?

Green Roads offers a 50% discount for veterans, active-duty military personnel, and first responders when they provide proof of service/employment.

Veterans, military personnel, and first responders can use our CBDINSIDER code to get 15% off every order without validating their service.

Is There A Green Roads Reddit Coupon?

There may be a list of Green Roads coupons on Reddit.

However, after doing some research of our own, the coupons on Reddit are not kept up-to-date.

The Reddit posts do not provide the best Green Roads coupons available.

If you bookmark our Green Roads coupon page instead, you can guarantee that you’ll always have the best Green Roads coupon code currently available to you.

Are There Any Green Roads Coupons for CBD Oil Tinctures?

Currently, we do not have any coupons specifically for CBD oil tinctures, but you can use CBDINSIDER to get 15% off every Green Roads tincture.

What if the Green Roads Coupon Code Does Not Work?

If for any reason an Green Roads coupon code doesn’t work, please contact Green Roads using their contact page, or reach out to us at the following email:

Green Roads Overview

We like Green Roads because of their healthcare approach and team of pharmacist formulators.

First, some background on the company.


In 2013, compound pharmacist and Green Roads founder Laura Fuentes began formulating CBD products on the side for a friend who was struggling with opioid dependence.

Having met with success, Laura and her friend Arby decided to start Green Roads out of a passion for helping others who were struggling with the same issue or simply looking for safe wellness products.

This was years before the CBD industry had gained any real traction, so Laura and Arby had to rely on a “homegrown” approach to building their presence, helping one friend or family member at a time until they (and the industry) were taken more seriously. 

Eventually, Green Roads saw a massive uptick in interest, a chance they seized to expand, add new members to the team, and become the company they are today.

Healthcare Approach

Founder Laura still approaches the business from a healthcare perspective, calling her customers “patients.”

As someone who deeply understands the pitfalls of opioid dependence, Laura believes that “We are meant to be able to heal ourselves.”

While many other CBD brands have joined the crusade against opioid dependence, Green Roads was born in it, leading a passionate revolt of their own from the inside of the pharmaceutical industry itself.

Pharmacist Formulators

This perspective has inspired their team of pharmacist formulators to keep pushing the envelope in terms of potency and absorption with each proprietary formula.

Speaking of, Green Roads uses multiple carrier oils and vegetable glycerine—not just the typical CBD and single carrier oil setup—to not only enhance bioavailability, but to also improve taste and “mouth feel,” as the wine connoisseurs say.

In October of 2020, Green Roads was certified to produce over-the-counter health products, granting them membership to a very exclusive club.


If you want a more in-depth look at Green Roads, their manufacturing process, and brief reviews about some of their products, then please see our Green Roads Brand Review.