CBDistillery CBD Patches Review

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CBDistillery is adding to their already expansive offering with their 40 mg Pure CBD Topical Patch. While patches have long existed in other markets, CBD patches are relatively new. The patch itself is small, transparent, and apparently waterproof, making it discreet and durable. We did not quite see the results we were hoping for, but we believe that can be easily fixed with a higher dose of CBD. Regardless, CBDistillery’s CBD patches are an extremely convenient and highly bioavailable way of taking CBD.

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  1. CBDistillery CBD Topical Patch Review
  2. Hemp Quality
  3. Concentration
  4. Packaging
  5. Ingredients
  6. Patch Quality
  7. Value
  8. Effectiveness
  9. Conclusion

CBDistillery CBD Topical Patch Review

overview of information on cbdistillery cbd patches

Our team tested the 40 mg Pure CBD Topical Patch by CBDistillery, which is currently the only iteration offered.

CBD patches are rare to find on the hemp-derived market with only a handful of brands producing them.

The primary reason CBD patches have not appeared until recently is because of the technology involved.

CBDistillery took two years to develop their patches.

CBDistillery already boasts a diverse, wide-ranging product line, so it’s fitting that they are one of the first to begin offering CBD patches.

“We really wanted to give our customers as many ways to use CBD as possible because everyone likes to consume it differently,” said Emily Loss, the Manager of Influencer Relations at CBDistillery.

In this review of CBDistilery’s CBD patches, we look at the quality of the hemp content, CBD concentration, product packaging, ingredients, patch quality, value, and effectiveness.

Let’s start with the quality of the hemp extract in CBDistillery’s CBD patches.

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Hemp Quality

CBDistillery sources their hemp from primarily Oregon, Kentucky, and Colorado.

During the life of the crop, and before planting seeds, CBDistillery conducts several phases of tests to ensure its hemp and the soil it grows in is clean and safe.

Once the hemp is harvested, the company uses CO2 or ethanol to extract the oil.

For its THC-free products, such as patches, CBDistillery uses ethanol.

All batches of each product are tested by a third-party laboratory.

The lab results are directly accessible on CBDistillery’s website.

“We wanted to set the standard of what transparency looks like …. For that reason, we were one of, if not the very first company to actually publish third-party test results right on our website,” said Ellese McKenney, the VP of Marketing at CBDistillery.

CBDistillery follows current Good Manufacturing Practice standards by the FDA and holds an ISO 9001 certification.


CBDistillery’s CBD patches contain 40 mg of CBD and are free of THC.

While CBD patches are relatively new and few brands provide them, 40 mg of CBD seems to be a middle ground for patch concentrations.

Other brands include concentrations of 10, 20, 40, 60, and 75 mg.

In the future, we’d love to see varying CBD doses, particularly higher ones.

In our experience, 40 mg seems like it may have been too low for us (details in the “Effectiveness” section below).

Current research indicates the bioavailability of transdermal administration for CBD is around 40 percent, which is significantly higher than most other administration methods.

At this rate, an individual will get 16 mg of CBD into their bloodstream.

Since the patch releases CBD over time, this is a relatively low amount of CBD for a day-and-a-half.

With this in mind, we believe 40 mg is best for beginners, while higher concentrations could yield better results for people more experienced with CBD.


highlights from cbdistillery cbd patches

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Each CBD patch comes in an individual packet, which has notches that make it easy to tear open.

Inside the packet, the patch is attached to a white, protective layer that you peel off.

The patch is 2” x 2” and transparent, making it perfect for discreet use.

You can find the COA for the batch of your patches by scanning the QR code on the back of the packaging.


The only ingredients in the patches are CBD and LIPMAX™, which contains Lecithin & Isopropyl Palmitate.

LIPMAX™ is an FDA approved excipient, which is an inactive substance that acts as the medium for an active substance.

Patch Quality

Using transdermal technology, the patch allows CBD to absorb through the skin into the bloodstream.

As a result, the patch works best on a hairless and venous part of the body.

The wrist is one of the best places to place the patch, or on top of your foot.

After placing the patch on our wrist or forearm, almost nobody we interacted with noticed it.

The adhesive is excellent and stayed on all 36 hours with no problems.

Although it’s not advertised by CBDistillery, the patch also seems waterproof. We took multiple showers with it on, and water had no effect on it.


value and ingredients of cbdistillery's cbd patches

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A CBDistillery CBD patch retails for $17 but is currently marked at $14.

From a price per mg standpoint, the price is on the expensive side in comparison with other types of CBD products (tinctures, capsules, etc.), coming in at $0.35/mg for the $14 price.

Customers can also get a pack of 5 that retails for $70 but is set at $60 right now ($12/patch).

The price makes sense, considering that this product took two years to research and develop.

Plus, you’re paying for more than a patch, you’re paying for ultimate convenience.

You don’t need to measure doses, take multiple doses, or carry around a tincture; simply apply and forget about it.

It doesn’t get easier than that.

Compared to the prices of other patches, which range from $10 – $20, CBDistillery sits nicely in the middle.

Eventually, it would be nice to see these drop in price a little, but we can see it dipping with time.


Our team reviewed the effectiveness of patch on its ability to reduce anxiety, relieve pain, and improve sleep.

We placed the patch on our wrist and left it on for 36 hours.

We began feeling the effects within the first hour and believe the patch lasted for at least 24 hours.

effectiveness of cbdistillery's cbd patches


The most significant effect we felt from the CBD patches was a sense of calm and peace.

Despite some tense situations during the day, we felt at peace and in control of our emotions.

For as long as we had the patch on, we felt more satisfied with our day.


The CBD patch moderately alleviated pain.

One of our team members was dealing with a stiff neck.

Within 30 minutes of applying the patch, he began to feel relief.

While the pain did not subside entirely, it did take the edge off and improved his range of motion.

The patch also seemed to help with soreness from exercise.

After wearing the patch for a few hours, one of our team members exercised heavily to test how it may affect delayed onset muscle soreness.

The next morning, his muscles were not quite as sore as expected.

Overall, the patch provided moderate pain relief; however, we think it could have been more effective with a higher concentration of CBD.


CBDistillery’s CBD patch also seemed to improve our sleep.

On the nights we wore the patch, our team reported falling asleep faster than usual.

However, it did not help keep us asleep as well as other CBD products we’ve tried.


CBDistillery’s Pure CBD Topical Patch is one of the most well-designed CBD products on the market.

It offers convenience and longevity that is unrivaled by any other kind of CBD product.

Utilizing transdermal technology and high-quality hemp, this patch is infused with excellence, and we believe it works, too.

With that said, we’d like to see versions with higher concentrations so we could experience stronger effects like those we are used to feeling with CBD.

It would also be nice to see the price drop a little bit.

These are small matters though, and they don’t take away from how impressed we are with the patches.

As a result, our team is happy to recommend CBDistillery’s CBD patches.

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Disclaimer: The content on this site is for informational purposes only. We are not medical experts and nothing should be construed as medical advice. Be sure to speak with your physician before taking CBD or any other treatment.

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  • John says:

    Strange that your team reports that a higher dosed patch would be desirable. I use a 10mg patch from a dispensary and it is very effective. In view of my experience with the 10mg patch, a 40mg patch seems excessive. Perhaps the method for delivering the CBD transdermal should be improved before blaming the dosage.

    • Ian says:

      Hi John,

      Really appreciate your feedback, and happy to hear that you had success with 10mg!

      As with everything in the CBD space, there are a lot of factors that can impact the effective dosage, including individual biology/genetics, the specific product, method of administration, general health, etc.

      If you’d like to tell us which brand and product you used, we’d certainly be interested. We are always looking for new, high-quality products to test!

      • John says:

        Hi Ian.
        The 10mg patch I referenced is by Mary’s Medicinal’s.
        The 40mg patch is by CBDistillery.
        Re your dosage comment, I assume you agree that if a 10mg dose is effective for a person, then a 40mg patch should be at least as effective. I mean, a patch is a patch, and more is more, regardless of someone’s biology/genetics. Mary’s Medicinal’s patches simply deliver better results at 10mg., than CBDistillery can at 40mg.