First Impressions: Panacea Life Sciences

Panacea Life Sciences

Update: Be sure to check out our Comprehensive Panacea Life Sciences Review, where we review several Panacea products and the company as a whole. 

After speaking with representatives from Panacea, we decided to test several of their products. While we are still in the early stages of testing, we plan on writing an extensive review of the company and their products in the near future.

Our initial positive impression of Panacea Life Sciences is largely due to the fact that they were able to show us how their manufacturing process is designed with pharmaceutical-grade products in mind. Everything they manufacture utilizes high-quality ingredients and their products and processes are verified by trustworthy third-party sources.

Products we are testing

In our initial review of Panacea, we are testing three products which both they and we feel are representative of their product line. These products include:

35mg Hemp Oil Extract F.A.S.T Tablets

Panacea F.A.S.T Hemp Oil Tablets

These 35mg tablets are designed to be taken twice a day, once in the morning and once in the late afternoon. They are designed to maximize “bioavailability” and to take effect quickly.

Soothe Hemp Oil Extract Topical Salve

Panacea Soothe Hemp Oil Extract Topical Cream

This topical salve is designed to penetrate deeply into the skin and help treat sore or inflamed muscles. Professional and amateur athletes are an obvious use-case for this product, but anyone with muscle pain could potentially benefit.

Much more to come

Once our focus group has had sufficient time to test these products, we will update this article with an extensive review.

Stay tuned!

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