Palmetto Harmony Coupon

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Palmetto Harmony Coupon

Palmetto Harmony was founded in 2015 by Janel Ralph, a mother whose daughter greatly benefitted from CBD for epileptic seizures. The family-owned company prides itself on clean, safe, and high-quality CBD oil.

Brand Ratings

Product Quality

29.25 pts
35 pts

Product Transparency

12.25 pts
12.5 pts

Website Experience

7.25 pts
7.5 pts

Customer Service

7.75 pts
10 pts

Product Value

6.75 pts
10 pts

Brand Value

20.25 pts
25 pts

Overall Score

83.5 pts
100 pts
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We like Palmetto Harmony because of their unique extraction method and vertical integration.

First, some background on the company.


The brand is named after a young girl named Harmony who suffers from lissencephaly, or “smooth brain,” a disorder characterized by frequent seizures among other symptoms. 

As Marketing Director (and Harmony’s older brother) Austin Sherman recounted for us, his and Harmony’s mother, Janel Ralph, founded the South-Carolina-based company in 2015 as a way of providing Harmony with high-quality CBD products that she could trust.

During this time, it was very difficult to find lab-tested CBD products, and even then, Harmony had to wait 6-8 months just to have access to the product that was discovered to greatly improve her quality of life.

Before this point, Harmony found partial success with steroid injections, but they put her in “almost a lifeless state,” Austin told us. 

Not content to wait so long and/or gamble on untested (and even unmarked) bottles of CBD, Janel and family made the commitment to start a CBD company.

It’s been a family-run business from the start, and even after expanding considerably over the years, Austin told us that the mission is to “Provide a product to our customers that we’d give to our family, with safety and transparency as our top priorities.”


On the more technical side, Harmony CBD uses a solventless, lipid infusion extraction method to remove the cannabinoids from the hemp plant, which we were very interested to learn more about.

Harmony is the only brand (that we’re aware of) that uses a solventless extraction method called lipid infusion.


Harmony is vertically integrated, meaning they own the growing operation and do everything in-house (even the marketing), which is also extremely rare.


If you want a more in-depth look at Palmetto Harmony, their manufacturing process, and brief reviews about some of their products, then please see our Palmetto Harmony Review.