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Harmony CBD Review

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Written by The CBD Insider

Welcome to our Harmony CBD review!

After multiple rounds of product sampling, website auditing, and conferring with Harmony CBD’s director of marketing, we’ve come to an overall rating of 83.5/100 for Harmony CBD.

As usual, we applied the same 27-factor ranking scale we’ve been using for the past several brand reviews, which assigns credit to CBD brands under the following major categories:

  • Quality
  • Transparency
  • Website Experience
  • Customer Service
  • Value
  • Brand Value

Before rolling out the Harmony CBD origin story and digging into the review, here’s a quick look at some of our favorite Harmony CBD products from the sampling process. 

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Recommended Product

Harmony Full-Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil (Orange)

Rich with supporting cannabinoids and organic ingredients, this tincture boasts a high-quality ingredient list.

This tincture helped us fall asleep faster and maintain focus throughout the workday.

Our testers also enjoyed the orange flavor, which effectively covered up most of the hemp taste.

Recommended Product

Harmony Full-Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil Softgels

Rich with supporting cannabinoids and organic ingredients, this tincture boasts a high-quality ingredient list.

This tincture helped us fall asleep faster and maintain focus throughout the workday.

Our testers also enjoyed the orange flavor, which effectively covered up most of the hemp taste.

Recommended Product

Harmony Full-Spectrum Relief Balm

This balm smelled great and applied smoothly.

We noticed a reduction in both stiffness and discomfort to all areas applied.

As usual, this ingredient list is rife with natural and/or organic ingredients.

Recommended Product

Harmony Full-Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil for Pets

At two ingredients, it doesn’t get safer or simpler in the pet CBD market than this.

Unlike many brands who load their pet tinctures up with isolate, Harmony uses the same USDA certified organic hemp extract in this product as they do in for-human CBD products.

Use this to safely manage your pet’s stress and discomfort.

How Harmony CBD Got Started

The brand is named after a young girl named Harmony who suffers from lissencephaly, or “smooth brain,” a disorder characterized by frequent seizures among other symptoms. 

As Marketing Director (and Harmony’s older brother) Austin Sherman recounted for us, his and Harmony’s mother, Janel Ralph, founded the South-Carolina-based company in 2015 as a way of providing Harmony with high-quality CBD products that she could trust.

During this time, it was very difficult to find lab-tested CBD products, and even then, Harmony had to wait 6-8 months just to have access to the product that was discovered to greatly improve her quality of life.

Before this point, Harmony found partial success with steroid injections, but they put her in “almost a lifeless state,” Austin told us. 

Not content to wait so long and/or gamble on untested (and even unmarked) bottles of CBD, Janel and family made the commitment to start a CBD company.

It’s been a family-run business from the start, and even after expanding considerably over the years, Austin told us that the mission is to “Provide a product to our customers that we’d give to our family, with safety and transparency as our top priorities.”

What Makes Harmony CBD Different?

With one exception (Charlotte’s Web), we’ve yet to encounter a family-run business of this scale.

On the more technical side, Harmony CBD uses a solventless, lipid infusion extraction method to remove the cannabinoids from the hemp plant, which we were very interested to learn more about.

Finally, Harmony is vertically integrated, meaning they own the growing operation and do everything in-house (even the marketing), which is also extremely rare. 

Our Harmony CBD Review

To be as thorough and fair as possible throughout the review process, we send each brand an extensive questionnaire pertaining to their certifications and operations.

We also review several of their products, test their website, speak with leadership, and more.

Without further ado, we’ll take it from the top with the first of our six criteria: quality.


Max score = 35 points.
Harmony CBD = 29.25 points.

When taking a closer look in the context of the CBD industry, this overused term really denotes an entire range of points beyond ingredients, since sourcing, testing, and even packaging can also affect the quality of each user’s experience.

Hence, we’ve factored those and several other factors into this category as well—here’s how Harmony performed.

Product Quality

Between the product containers and the boxes they came in, we were pleased to see ample (and helpful) information on labeling, including QR codes for accessing third-party lab reports, but all of our testers noticed the boxes were damaged in some minor way.

The inner containers were all perfectly intact, and the lids/droppers worked fine, so we kept the deduction fairly small for packaging (85/100).

Looking at the quality and quantity of non-hemp ingredients, almost everything was completely organic, so it’s full points for additional ingredient quality

The same goes for the hemp quality and sourcing factor, since it isn’t only USDA organic, but grown with direct oversight from the team. 

Browsing the Harmony catalog, we found each formulation type we look for (some permutation of “relief,” “relax,” and “active”), but only in topicals, which resulted in a deduction.

Finally, the brand has a variety of THC-containing products in various formats, so they earn the lion’s share of points for extract availability, but we do reserve a 10-point buffer for brands that also provide at least one THC-free option.

Testing and Certification

As one of the earliest brands to insist on their own products being tested by third-party labs, Harmony definitely earns full marks for testing.

Every one of their products is tested by one of several third-party labs they work with, and the brand sometimes spends more than a year ensuring products are safe and effective before launching, Austin told us.

Between their USDA Organic Certification, Baystate Organic Certification, Leaping Bunny Approval, and several others, harmony also aces the certification factor.

Extraction Method

As mentioned, Harmony is the only brand (we know of) that uses a solventless extraction method called lipid infusion.

It’s an automatic ace here, since no solvent means no possibility of residual solvent, a common issue targeted by third-party lab reports. 


Max score = 12.5 points.
Harmony CBD = 12.25 points.

We often refer to a duality between trustworthiness and convenience here, because a transparent brand can adopt both of these important attributes in one shot if they simply share basic information about their products, personnel, and operations openly.

We designed this category to reward brands for making this information easy to access, penalizing those who make consumers “dig” or hide information altogether. 

Info Accessibility

Both on the packaging and on the website, customers can quickly and easily glean all the information they’d want to know about products (ingredients, uses, testing, etc.).

Especially since the website was designed in-house, it was very refreshing to see such a comprehensive “about us” section, which covered who founded the company, when, why, and where they’ve been since then in great detail.

Overall, Harmony is looking like the model company for information accessibility so far. 

Supply Chain Transparency

Once again, Harmony is the model example here, both for the quality of their fully integrated supply chain and for how forthcoming they are when sharing this information.

Of course, this is the kind of thing (vertical integration) that begs to be touted, but that doesn’t detract from the manner in which the information was presented, so it’s full marks here as well. 

Website Experience

Max score = 7.5 points.
Harmony CBD = 7.25 points.

Especially in the CBD space, even a simplistic ecommerce site needs to have some kind of educational content to get newcomers up to speed on CBD while clearing up the many misconceptions relating to hemp products.

Here we take into account the navigability of product and category pages, how responsive the website is on mobile devices, and the availability/breadth of this  educational content.

Product Navigation and Purchasing

Instead of filling category pages with row after row of individual images, Harmony provides a single image and page for each type (CBD oil, gummy, etc.) with buttons you can click on to quickly change the flavor, size, and type.

This setup made it very easy to quickly jump into a category and find the product we wanted to learn more about. 

Site Content

Between several locations on the Harmony site, visitors can learn about some of the basics of CBD (what it is, how it affects the body, etc.), but Harmony has so far not capitalized on the opportunity to cleanly consolidate all of this information into their existing “learn” section.

We kept the deduction small (90/100 earned), since they’ve put in the legwork, but would love to see this consolidation for the sake of their customers. 

Customer Service

Max Points = 10 points.
Harmony CBD = 7.75 points.

This is where the human element has a chance to shine through the site copy and advertising, so we watch customer service very closely as a key indicator of a brand’s intent and overall quality. 

That said, we keep this category fairly simple, awarding credit to brands for the availability, flexibility, and accommodation level of their support channels and shipping/return policies.

Contact Options and Responsiveness

Harmony offers phone, email, and chat support.

While this covers the three services we require under this factor, we never received a message back from the email system, and we apply a small deduction (5 points) for non-live chat.

Shipping and Return Policies

Harmony customers are required to pay a reasonable shipping fee ($5), and shipping over $100 is free, which helped the brand retain a solid chunk of points for this factor.

Regarding returns, customers have 20 business days to fill out an enclosed form and submit to Harmony, after which they will receive a reply within one to two business days.

Should the return be approved, the refund will be applied to the customer’s card.

While this is fairly accommodating on both ends, we reserve a few points for brands who do 30+ day guarantees and/or free shipping. 


Max score = 10 points.
Harmony CBD = 6.75 points.

Raw price doesn’t tell the whole story when you’re assessing a product’s value, which is why we counterbalance it with ingredient quality when reviewing brands.

The idea here is that more expensive brands will have the opportunity to defend their prices by pointing to product quality, while cheaper brands won’t get free points just for undercutting competitors.

Pricing and Ingredient Quality

A month’s supply of CBD oil (1500mg) costs $138.74 at Harmony CBD, which earns a zero on the raw price factor.

However, because we weight ingredient quality relative to price three times heavier than raw price alone, the 70/100 that Harmony earned on the quality end (thanks again to their USDA organic ingredients and flower extraction) helped them come out of this category with more than half the points.

The zero for price may sound harsh, but some top-tier brands offer this same amount of CBD for less than half the price, which has pulled our scale down considerably.

Brand Value

Max Score = 25 points.
Harmony CBD = 20.25 points.

This category takes a broader look at the impacts the reviewed brand has had on the CBD industry, their local communities, and the world at large.

Understandably, this can encompass many different efforts in different areas, including product innovation that changes the game, community and industry investment, participation in medical studies, and much more.

If something doesn’t easily fit into one of the (very broad) boxes we’ve created under brand value, we use our discretion to gauge the resulting impact and award points accordingly.

Product Innovation

The unique, safe, and solventless extraction method Harmony CBD uses is nudging the industry towards higher standards, which is why we consider it a piece of product innovation that can impact the CBD space. 

Their USDA organic certification, while not super rare or innovative in the conventional sense, is still a marker of quality that has the same squeezing effect on the industry, so we’ve factored that in as well.

Community, Research, and Legislative Investment

Harmony has been extensively involved in the industry and global/local communities, from their partnerships with the Hemp Industries Association, American Herbal Products Association, American Botanical Council, and many more.

The brand has advocated for clear and compassionate marijuana policy on the state level and beyond, and they partner with farms to support regenerative farming practices.

It’s a definite ace for community and industry involvement, but since Harmony has yet to participate in any official studies, we couldn’t award any points for this pass/fail factor. 

Our Harmony CBD Review Overall Rating

After everything is tallied, Harmony CBD earns an overall score of 83.5/100.

Here are some key takeaways to sum up our brand review:

  • Excellent product and ingredient quality
  • Safe, innovative extraction method
  • Strong website experience
  • Strong community presence and legislative efforts
  • Dinged on technical issues (packaging, shipping, site content) and price

Having sampled the products ourselves, we confidently recommend Harmony CBD to anyone looking for a thoroughly vetted, high-quality CBD product.

Harmony CBD Product Reviews

Full-Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil (Orange)

learn more about harmony cbd oils


We sampled the 2000mg/100mL bottle of Harmony’s Full-Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil in Orange flavor

They also have a 600mg/30mL bottle and a massive 18,920mg/32oz bottle.

Here is the cannabinoid breakdown according to the certificate of analysis for our product:

  • CBD: 21.31.mg/g (2,131mg/bottle)
  • D9-THC: 0.747mg/mL (74.4mg/bottle)
  • CBG: 0.247mg/mL (24.7mg/mL)
  • CBC: 1.513mg/mL (151.3mg/bottle)

The CBD is generously over-delivered, the THC stays well within the federally mandated maximum, and the supporting cannabinoid content (including THC) exceeds 10% of the CBD content, which is our cutoff for a potent tincture.

That’s three of three boxes checked in the concentration department, which bodes well anyone looking for a potent, yet balanced product that leaves room for the entourage effect.


Our 100ml/2000mg bottle costs $184.99, which breaks down to $0.09/mg.

For the smaller 30mL/600mg bottle, it’s $79.99 ($0.13/mg)

The “wholesale and then some” size (32oz/18,920mg) is $999 ($0.05/mg).

As mentioned in the general review portion, we’ve seen plenty of cheaper brands, but considering the prolific organic ingredient content, we’re downgrading these from “expensive” to “moderately priced.”

Especially if you’re comfortable going with the larger concentration(s), you are still getting an excellent product for the money.


Between the box and the bottle included with our 2000mg tincture: we found the following: informational blurbs about the endocannabinoid system and Harmony, supplement facts and ingredients, warnings and use suggestions, a QR code for accessing third-party lab reports, and use suggestions.

The darkly tinted bottle and dropper lid were durable and easily workable, but the box had some minor damage on receipt.

Overall, the packaging did not interfere with our use of the product, and the labeling was attractive and informative.


Here is the ingredient list for our tincture: Organic MCT oil (coconut) and Organic hemp flower, Organic orange oil, Organic stevia extract powder.

Every single product is organic, the hemp comes from the flower, and there are no preservatives of any kind.

This is definitely a model ingredient list, so it’s top marks for ingredients.


The orange isn’t too bitter or too sweet, and it still covers up most of the hemp taste.

There was no unpleasant aftertaste, and thanks to the organic orange oil, we felt good about the flavoring as well.

Overall, anyone looking for a subtle, pleasant flavor that covers up most of the hemp taste will find a great option here, but the extremely hemp-averse may still need softgels or gummies.


When taken in the late afternoon or early evening, this tincture helped with what researchers call “time-to-sleep,” i.e., how long it takes for us to fall asleep, more so than it did with sleep duration/quality.

We also noticed marked improvements in motivation and focus throughout the day, especially when taking 1.5-2 droppers in the morning.

Overall, we were pleased with these moderately potent benefits, which lent themselves nicely to a twice-daily (morning and evening) routine.

Pros & Cons

Let’s start with the pros:

  • Effective for time-to-sleep and focus
  • Excellent, all-organic ingredient list
  • Balanced, potent hemp extract

And now the cons:

  • Middle-upper end of tincture price range
Full-Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil Softgels

learn more about harmony cbd


Harmony’s CBD Hemp Oil softgels yield 10mg of CBD per softgel, and are available in 30-count or 60-count jars

Here is the cannabinoid breakdown according to the certificate of analysis for the 300mg product we sampled (values reported on a per-softgel basis):

  • D9-THC: 0.27mg
  • CBD: 11.34mg
  • CBG: 0.16mg
  • CBC: 0.37mg
  • CBN: 0.12mg

The CBD is generously over-delivered once again, the D9-THC stays within the legal limit, and the supporting cannabinoid concentration is just below 10%.

Once again, we see a potent, balanced extract that leaves room for the entourage effect.


The 30ct/300mg softgel costs $49.99, which breaks down to $0.17/mg, and the 60ct/600mg costs $89.99 ($0.15/mg).

Considering these are slightly more expensive than the all-organic tinctures, we’re a little less willing to call them middling price points.

They’re certainly not through the ceiling, but without multiple botanicals or cutting-edge delivery technology, this seems a little high.

Still, if you insist on organic ingredients (see list below), you have a solid option here.


Neither the box nor the inner container showed any signs of damage or wear upon receipt, and between the two, we were able to quickly glean basic product info, supplement facts and ingredients, and the QR code for lab reports.

It would have been nice to see a blurb or two, as with the tincture, but this box/container is smaller.

Overall, excellent packaging that provided everything we needed.


Here is the ingredient list for the se Full-Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil softgels:

Organic MCT oil (coconut) and Organic hemp flower extract, Beef gelatin, Glycerin, Distilled water

Once again, we’re seeing organic ingredients front and center, and a simple, safe softgel that doesn’t rely on a laundry list of synthetic ingredients.

This is exactly what we want to see in the ingredient list.


Of course, softgels are almost always virtually flavorless, but we still analyze this because some of them leave an aftertaste or a strange “mouthfeel” while you’re preparing to swallow them.

As we’ve experienced several times before, these capsules had a subtly sweet, then fishy taste on the tongue.

To reiterate, these are both extremely subtle, and most consumers not mulling the softgel around in their mouths like we did will not notice.

Moreover, there was little to no aftertaste, so we’re pleased with the “taste” of these softgels.


The effects we noticed were very similar to that of the tincture, which makes sense when you compare the extract and the ingredients.

We felt more motivated and focused when approaching and executing work tasks, and it was easier to fall asleep at night.

Regarding potency, it was still really hard to separate these softgels from the tincture, though we felt the softgels worked a little faster.

Pros & Cons

Let’s start with the pros:

  • Effective for focus and sleep
  • Organic ingredients
  • Easy to use, virtually tasteless

And now the cons:

  • On the more expensive side
Full-Spectrum CBD Hemp Balm

learn more about harmony cbd balm


We tried the Relief formulation of Harmony’s Full-Spectrum CBD Hemp Balm, which contains frankincense.

Here are the concentrations for all three formulations of Harmony’s CBD balm (relief, heal, calm): 300mg/2oz

Here’s the cannabinoid breakdown according to the certificate of analysis for our product:

  • CBD: 5.268mg/g (298.68mg total)
  • D9-THC: 0.160mg/g (9.07184mg total)
  • CBC: 0.167mg/g (9.468mg total)

The CBD content is accurately reported, the THC remains within the legal limit, and supporting cannabinoid content is a little over 5%.

We won’t harp on the product coming in less than two milligrams short of the reported CBD content, but we would like to see a greater supporting cannabinoid presence.


In the case of the balm, all three formulation types cost the same: $34.99 ($0.12/mg).

This is probably the most reasonable price point among the three products we reviewed, since topicals tend to be a few pennies-per-milligram higher than tinctures and softgels.

Plus, you don’t have to order a huge amount to reach this level, which is a pro-consumer move on Harmony’s part.


This topical comes in a darkly tinted container with a threaded lid, as well as the standard box.

Granted, space is limited on these smaller containers, but Harmony still managed to include supplement and ingredient facts, basic product info (concentration, formulation type, etc.), and warnings between the two.

The lid and container held up throughout our use of the product, so it’s top marks for packaging here.


Here is the ingredient list for our Relief Full-Spectrum CBD Hemp Balm:

Organic shea butter, Organic MCT oil (coconut) and organic hemp (flower), Organic yellow beeswax, Organic frankincense oil, Organic basil oil, Organic orange oil.

Though we’re happy with everything we see, especially since it’s all organic, most top-tier brands are bringing at least 6-7 essential oils.

Otherwise, you can’t beat the quality of this ingredient list.

Scent and Texture

In the scent department, this balm was a refreshing departure from the bombardment of menthol and/or perfume-like aromas of most CBD topicals.

The basil oil and frankincense give this product a deeply herbal, almost “spicy” scent, as if you’re hunkering down in someone’s garden and taking a deep whiff.

We acknowledge that many will prefer peppermint to basil, but if you are partial to this kind of scent, it’s very well done in this case.

Texture-wise, this topical is on the thicker/grainier side, but after just a few seconds of working it around and applying body heat, it goes on smoothly and absorbs quickly.

Overall, we were pleased with both the scent and texture.


We noticed this balm was equally as effective for stiffness as it was for discomfort, especially when applied to weight-bearing joints like ankles and knees.

One peculiar way in which this subtle effect manifested itself was a reduction in fidgeting, getting up and sitting down again, and so forth; we didn’t have to move as much to stay comfortable.

Pros & Cons

Let’s start with the pros:

  • Clean ingredient list
  • Effective for joint stiffness and discomfort
  • More affordably priced

And now the cons:

  • Some may dislike the basil/frankincense scent

All Harmony CBD Products

The Harmony CBD product catalog contains a variety of CBD hemp oils, softgels, gummies, topicals, skin care products, pet products, vape oils, and more.

This full-spectrum-heavy selection covers a huge range of concentrations, as well as several function-focused formulations.

As usual, we’ll begin our listing with CBD oil tinctures.


Harmony provides three concentrations of full-spectrum CBD oil tinctures in two flavors: original and orange.

All of these contain flower-derived, USDA organic hemp and natural ingredients

Best Use: CBD Oils are easy to use, can be incorporated into food and beverages, and provide easily measurable doses.

CBD Softgels and Suppositories

Harmony has full-spectrum CBD hemp oil softgels and suppositories available in total concentrations of 70mg (suppositories), 300mg (softgels), or 600mg (softgels).

All of these contain Harmony’s original hemp extract, and additional ingredients are as sparse as they are safe.

Best Use: CBD softgels and suppositories provide an easily measurable dose for people who want to avoid the hemp flavor.

CBD Gummies

A later addition to the Harmony CBD product offering, the brand offers CBD gummies in three formulation types: Sleep (CBD/CBN), Focus (CBD/CBG), and Gut Health (CBD/CBG)/

Aside from targeting specific cannabinoids to support their intended uses, these gummies also lean on melatonin, vitamin B12, green tea extract, probiotics, and other ingredients.

Best Use: CBD gummies allow for a fun and familiar approach to CBD that effectively covers up the hemp taste without significantly affecting dosage reliability.

CBD Topicals

Harmony offers a generous range of topicals and skin care products, including balm, lotion, muscle rub, and body oil, in various formulation types, scents, and concentrations.

These full-spectrum products lean on turmeric, lavender, menthol, and other ingredients to bolster their effectiveness.

Best Use: Topicals allow for targeted application to tissues experiencing discomfort, but the tradeoff is that it’s much harder to measure dosage.

CBD Vape Oils

Harmony offers CBD vape oil, pre-filled cartridges, and pre-filled devices. 

Vape oil allows people who prefer the inhalation route to access CBD, and at a much faster rate than all other (popular) CBD product types. 


Built on a platform of compassion, Harmony CBD has remained relevant since the early days of the CBD boom by keeping compassion at the forefront of their operation.

If they wouldn’t give it to Harmony, they won’t sell it to you, which is evident in their rigorous testing standards, USDA organic certification, and savvy formulations.

Especially if they tighten up a few points on the technical side, we expect Harmony to grow in stature as the CBD market continues to polarize itself. 


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