Receptra Naturals Coupon

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Receptra Naturals Coupon

Receptra Naturals may have the most effective products in all the CBD industry. Receptra only formulates its products using hemp flower, the part of the plant most concentrated with cannabinoids and terpenes. While this is an expensive operation, Receptra keeps its products affordable to ensure everyone can enjoy CBD. Consumers will also find Receptra to be transparent, as they offer third-party results directly on their website along with educational materials.

Brand Ratings

Product Quality

34.88 pts
35 pts

Product Transparency

12.13 pts
12.5 pts

Website Experience

7.5 pts
7.5 pts

Customer Service

9.75 pts
10 pts

Product Value

7.47 pts
10 pts

Brand Value

21 pts
25 pts

Overall Score

92.72 pts
100 pts
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Our current Receptra Naturals coupon code for July 2024 is CBDINSIDER20, which is good for 20% off sitewide.

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To use a Receptra Naturals coupon code:

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receptra naturals coupon

There are only a few common coupon restrictions associated with the CBDINSIDER20 code.

First, coupon codes cannot be stacked with other codes.

For example, you cannot combine a 15% code with a 5% coupon for a total of 20% off your order (although that would be awesome).

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While you may find Receptra Naturals products on other sites, you can only use valid Receptra Naturals coupons on the official company site.

Other than that, there are no special restrictions on our code.

Yes, coupon code CBDINSIDER20 is applicable to every product site wide at Receptra Naturals.

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You will get 20% off your entire order if you use coupon code CBDINSIDER20.

As far as we know, there is no limit to how much you can purchase or save at Receptra Naturals.

You can use our coupon code as many times as you want as well.

Receptra Naturals has no coupon code for free shipping because all orders automatically qualify for free standard shipping.

According to Receptra’s site, orders typically arrive in 1-5 days after processing and depending on the shipping you choose.

Customers can request a refund within 30 days of purchase, and Receptra says they handle nearly all customer issues within 48 hours.

Yes, Receptra Naturals provides veterans with a 50% discount via their Veterans Program.

This program is available for all active duty and retired military personnel.

There are no exclusions and the discount can be used an unlimited amount of times.

The discount will never expire.

Some users have created a list of Receptra Naturals coupons on Reddit.

However, after doing some research of our own, the coupons on Reddit are not kept up-to-date.

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If you bookmark our Receptra Naturals coupon page instead, you can guarantee that you’ll always have the best Receptra Naturals coupon code currently available to you.

Currently, we do not have any coupons specifically for CBD oil tinctures.

However, we routinely negotiate with Receptra Naturals to provide discounts for specific product categories, including CBD oil tinctures.

If for any reason a Receptra Naturals coupon code doesn’t work, please contact Receptra Naturals using their contact page, or reach out to us at the following email: [email protected].

We like Receptra Naturals because of their transparency, highly effective products, and philanthropy in their community.

First, some background on the company.


Receptra Naturals was founded in 2016. The team there has been dedicated to creating high-quality products made from premium materials since the beginning.

More importantly, they desire to educate the public about the benefits of CBD and give back to communities both small and large.

Based in Greenwood Village, Colorado, a city in the southern part of the Denver metropolitan area, the company sources all its hemp from Colorado family farms. The farmers use organic methods to cultivate the plant and then handpick the hemp flowers at harvest time.

Receptra only uses hemp flowers—the richest part of the plant in cannabinoids and terpenes—to create their extract. While this is more expensive to do than extracting oil from the stalk and leaves, oil from the hemp flower produces a more potent and efficacious product.

Receptra then uses ethanol extraction, a clean and safe method best for creating full-spectrum products, to create their oil. All of Receptra’s products are full-spectrum, and the trace amount of THC levels are well within the legal limit (0.3%).

Testing and transparency is an essential component of Receptra’s operation, as they conduct extensive testing per established federal manufacturing guidelines. Every batch of Receptra’s products are tested for potency and toxicity, and COA’s for each of these results are available on the company’s website.

It’s also important to those at Receptra to be involved in the community, especially with those who enjoy being active. Receptra has partnered with multiple athletes from a range of sports such as MMA fighters, former and current NFL players, professional skateboarders, and hockey players.


Unlike other brands, Receptra provides an interactive COA that teaches consumers how to properly read and understand a COA, a testament to the company’s goal to educate consumers.

Every product also comes with a QR code that will directly access the product’s corresponding COA when they scan the QR code with their phone.

Most QR codes from other brands are simply a link to the company’s third-party testing page, leaving customers to input the batch code.

The COAs that Receptra provides are easy to understand and plainly display the necessary information.

“For people out there looking to buy,” said Whaley, “what needs to be their number one priority is making sure that the company you’re buying from is transparent about their testing and about their results.”


What makes Receptra unique is that they create their products solely from hemp flower, as opposed to the stalk and stems that most other companies use.

The flower is richest in cannabinoids (like CBD) and terpenes versus other plant parts, and while it’s also more expensive to use, Receptra prioritizes quality over cost.

Our team has been extremely impressed with the benefits we noticed from Receptra’s products, which has led to us awarding Receptra as having the best CBD oil and the best CBD cals of 2020.

Even an ultra-high-quality extract derived directly from the hemp flower has nowhere to go without a savvy product development team behind it, which is one reason why Receptra ventured into the ever-popular gummies category.

As expected, the brand’s recent release of their Serious Relief for Recovery Gummies – which we reviewed personally – and their Serious Rest gummies was received with a wave of overwhelmingly positive reviews.

The Serious Rest gummies utilize cannabinol (CBN), a cousin of CBD known to promote sleep, instead of melatonin, which is often synthesized before being mixed in with otherwise natural formulations.

Keeping to this theme of letting the plants do the work, Receptra infused their Serious Relief for Recovery gummies with organic turmeric and beta caryophyllene (a terpene) to tackle discomfort more effectively.

As evidenced by our 2020 US CBD Consumer Report and the vast majority of hemp industry market research findings, gummies are quickly gaining on CBD oil tinctures in popularity, even surpassing them by some accounts.

Unsurprisingly, Receptra is among the elite group of CBD brands encouraging this diversification, and will surely continue to be watched by ourselves and other parties throughout the CBD industry as a signal for what’s coming to the market.


Receptra is an active and valued participant in the local and global community.

Receptra has partnered with several athletes, including more than 30 MMA fighters, winter sports athletes, professional skateboarders, current and retired NFL players, and hockey players from the NHL down to the high school level.

These partnerships have not only helped athletes perform their best, but also spread the word about CBD and its benefits.

The company has also launched a giving program called Receptra Gives. This initiative has sent proceeds from their CBD pet sales to help displaced animals that were affected by the California wildfires in November 2018.

Additionally, Receptra teamed up with Trees for the Future, a nonprofit organization working to end hunger and poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa. This partnership used proceeds from Receptra’s sales to help plant trees and educate farmers on sustainable farming techniques.


If you want a more in-depth look at Receptra Naturals, their manufacturing process, and brief reviews about some of their products, then please see our Receptra Naturals Brand Review.