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Receptra Naturals Review

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Written by The CBD Insider

Welcome to our Receptra Naturals review!

After the customary round of product testing, communication with the Receptra team, site usability testing and more, the CBD insider editorial team has arrived at a final score for Receptra Naturals.

We gave Receptra Naturals a score of 92.7/100, which earns them entry into our highest tier of brands.

Specifically, we use a 27-point system to ensure that each CBD brand is given ample opportunity to prove themselves across all the major dimensions that affect product quality, consumer experience, and overall brand value.

Here are our major categories, each of which are weighted based on their impact on the total user experience:

  • Quality
  • Transparency
  • Website Experience
  • Customer Service
  • Value
  • Brand Value

To learn more about how we rate brands, we invite you to check out this simple guide.

Before we get into Receptra’s early start in the CBD industry, a quick look at some of our favorite products.

Serious Relief Tincture, 33mg

Serious Relief Tincture, 33mg

Not content to stick to the basic three-ingredient list, this tincture incorporates turmeric, grapeseed oil, and more plant-based enhancements.

Our testers noticed significant reductions in post-exercise soreness at two doses a day.

Plus, it’s more than affordable for the quality.

Pet CBD Chews

Pet CBD Chews

Our canine testers took to these peanut butter and bacon-flavored CBD chews almost immediately.

The ingredients list touts a range of gentle, natural ingredients like organic flaxseed, pea protein, and natural flavoring.

After one day of use, we noticed less barking, scratching, and chewing among our testers.

Serious Relief Targeted Topical Stick

Serious Relief Targeted Topical Stick

Easy on the menthol and loaded with natural extracts and vitamins, this topical is well-equipped for skin health.

It goes on smoothly and absorbs quickly.

Shortly after applying, we noticed less discomfort in the targeted tissues.

How Receptra Got Started

Founded in 2015 in Greenwood Village, Colorado, Receptra was well-positioned to steer the CBD industry towards legitimacy, an opportunity they capitalized on with high-quality products and ethical standards.

All the while, the brand has been heavily committed to educating consumers on the truth about hemp products, providing one of the most robust education portals we’ve seen from a brand.

The Receptra team is so hands-on, they themselves help to plant and shuck the crop.

They apply this same grassroots approach to their surrounding communities, partnering with professional athletes and participating in various philanthropic initiatives to support the hemp industry and improve general quality of life for said communities at the same time. 

What Makes Receptra Unique?

Three distinct pillars differentiate Receptra Naturals from competitors.

Product Efficacy: This brand derives their hemp extracts solely from the hemp flower, as opposed to also using “aerial parts” (stalk, stems, etc.) like most other brands.

This is important because the flower is the most cannabinoid- and terpene-dense part of the hemp plant, and while it’s more expensive to do it this way, Receptra drew this line very early in their course.

Also, Receptra leans on botanicals like valerian root to provide a broader range of effects while synergizing with the cannabinoids for greater potency.

Our team is consistently impressed with the effectiveness of Receptra’s CBD products to the point where we awarded the brand’s CBD oil and CBD topical “best of 2020” titles. 

Transparency: Receptra provides an interactive COA (certificate of analysis) that teaches consumers how to read and understand them, a testament to the company’s goal to educate consumers.

Every product also comes with a QR code that will directly access the product’s corresponding COA when they scan the QR code with their phone. 

Philanthropy: Receptra has partnered with several athletes, including more than 30 MMA fighters, winter sports athletes, professional skateboarders, current and retired NFL players, and hockey players from the NHL down to the high school level.

The company has also launched a giving program called Receptra Gives, which sent proceeds from Receptra’s CBD pet sales to help displaced animals that were affected by the California wildfires in November 2018 among other efforts.

In addition, Receptra works with Mission K9 Rescue to help fund the relocation of working military and police dogs to put them in good homes.

Finally, Receptra has teamed up with Trees for the Future, a nonprofit organization working to end hunger and poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa. This partnership used proceeds from Receptra’s sales to help plant trees and educate farmers on sustainable farming techniques.

These philanthropic efforts are part of the reason Receptra Naturals was ranked as one of Forbes’ Top 25 CBD Companies of 2019.

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Our Receptra Review

Each of the following criteria were measured using a mixture of our personal experiences with Receptra products, the website, support services, and our correspondence with the team.

We’ll begin where we always do: the ever-important matter of quality.


Max Score = 35 points.
Receptra = 34.875 points.

Ingredients are just the beginning when it comes to product quality in the CBD space, which is really an amalgamation of formulation quality and variety, packaging and labeling, testing protocols, and much more.

In other words, we’re aiming for the whole process behind end product quality, as each step therein can affect said quality.

Product Quality

The packaging containing our Receptra CBD gummies, topical sticks, dog chews, and tinctures was durable and easy to use, including the boxes, dropper lids, and container lids.

The labeling contained basic product info (concentration, ingredients and supplement facts, certifications, use instructions), the occasional blurb explaining the product, and a QR code for convenient access to third-party testing results.

As for additional ingredients, Receptra’s products contain everything we want to see (high-quality hemp extracts, botanicals, and carrier oils) and nothing we don’t (added sugar, fillers, preservatives). 

The hemp is grown and cultivated organically, and all extracts are derived from the flower, which earns top marks for hemp quality and sourcing. 

We typically award full points in the formulation variety department for brands that offer some permutation of a “relax,” “relief,” and “active” product, a standard we modeled after Receptra’s catalog.

Finally, Receptra offers both broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD extract types, which covers both the THC-friendly and THC-averse crowds looking to benefit from the entourage effect.

Testing and Certification

Every product batch is tested by Pacific Botanical Laboratories, who provides an in-depth certificate of analysis featuring the tested product’s cannabinoid density, residual solvent, heavy metal, mycotoxin, microbe, and pesticide content. 

The brand is GMP (good manufacturing practices) certified, a strong regulatory standard that ensures Receptra maintains safe and ethical practices.

Receptra also is LegitScript certified, which means their products are made from legally cultivated hemp products that are in compliance with federal and state regulatory standards.

Extraction Method

Along with CO2, ethanol extraction is considered the gold standard of the CBD industry for its safety and efficiency.

We’re referring to the method by which Receptra removes cannabinoids from the hemp plant to create their extracts, a process that drastically influences the quality, purity, and safety profile of the end product.

Standard ethanol extraction is an easy 100/100 here. 


Max Score = 12.5 points.
Receptra = 12.125 points.

We’ve positioned this subset of our review criteria to deduct points the moment a customer feels the slightest suspicion that a brand is strategically withholding information.

Transparency is trust, and though we don’t expect CBD brands to share every mundane detail of their logistics, customers at least need to know where the hemp is from, where it goes from there, who leads the brand, and a few other points outlined below. 

Info Accessibility

Between the outer boxes, the inner containers, and each product page on the website, it’s pretty hard to miss the QR codes/links that take customers to lab reports.

We also want to commend Receptra for doing what only one other CBD brand we’ve reviewed has done—sending customers directly to batch-specific lab reports after scanning the code (skipping the middle step where you have to enter the batch number).

Product information is equally accessible, as every product page contains plenty of supportive information that delves beyond product specs. 

The “about” page provided some important information about Receptra’s history, founder Rusty Scott, and the company’s supply chain, but we made a small deduction because no other leaders were mentioned or pictured.

Supply Chain Transparency

It was refreshing to be able to grasp the gist of the entire supply chain from just 1-2 places on the Receptra website, where we usually have to dig more.

As mentioned, the hemp is grown organically in Colorado, after which it is cultivated by Receptra prior to extraction.

Both for their transparency in this matter and for the supply chain itself, we award full points here. 

Website Experience

Max Score = 7.5 points.
Receptra = 7.5 points.

Simply put, as we don our secret shopper personas, we simply want to browse products, learn about CBD (both general info and product information), and check out without feeling any major speed bumps in the process.

We award brands that make this process as seamless as possible on their site, and provide a wealth of information while keeping the clutter and distraction to a minimum.

Product Navigation and Purchasing

It helps in this regard that Receptra doesn’t have a massive product catalog; it was very easy to quickly browse through all products and/or apply filters to get where we wanted even faster.

The overall ecommerce functionality of the site is smooth, allowing us to view product specs, add to cart, and check out without scrolling for too long or dealing with multiple splash pages.

If you’re a repeat buyer, you can even add to cart from the category page without clicking through to the product page if you like, which ups the convenience factor.

The site also performed perfectly on mobile devices, so it’s top marks for product navigation and purchasing.

Site Content

As mentioned, the Receptra site has a solid “learn” section, with a number of foundational pieces centering on basics (what CBD is, how it works with the body, etc.) as well as a blog called “The Daily Dose” that is continuously updated with actionable content. 

Moreover, all of this information is neatly tucked away in a single section; learners and/or consumers don’t have to bounce around between product pages, the “about” page, and so forth to get a complete understanding of CBD.

A five-minute audit was all it took to check all the major boxes in terms of foundational topics (and some more advanced topics), so it’s definitely full points for this factor. 

Customer Service

Max Score = 10 points
Receptra = 9.75 points.

We approach each CBD brand’s customer service as an opportunity for them to not just help customers with issues, but to also educate them while promoting their values as a brand.

As such, we grade brands based on the availability and number of support services available (including shipping and return policies), but also the degree to which those services helped us with our fake problems/questions.

Contact Options and Responsiveness

Receptra has the big three—live chat, email, and phone support—which is an easy A as far as availability is concerned.

Diving deeper into responsiveness and accommodation, we were able to quickly get responses from each service, but the phone service went to voicemail. 

Since the voicemail recording itself was actually pretty helpful, and since we received a call back in a matter of minutes, we only made a small deduction here (5/100) points. 

Shipping and Return Policies

Here’s another case in which Receptra rides the golden standard(s) to a tee, offering a 30-day full refund policy and free shipping with a reasonable window (five business days).

We’ve seen very few brands top these three points, so it’s full points for flexible and accommodating shipping and return policies. 


Max Score = 10 points.
Receptra = 7.47 points.

Assigning points for each CBD brand’s prices based on our analysis of the market was the more straightforward part, but it didn’t address the question, “What are you getting quality-wise for that price?”

In other words, we had to counterbalance this objective measure with a subjective one, which is the ingredient quality relative to price.

Pricing and Ingredient Quality

A month’s worth of a standard CBD oil tincture (1500mg) costs just over $100 at Receptra, which translates to roughly $0.07 per milligram of CBD. 

This is by no means an unfair price point when other brands are taken into account, but some top-tier competitors have made a stand at $0.04/mg, so Receptra earned 28.75/100 points on the raw price end. 

Considering the clean ingredient lists, cannabinoid-dense extracts, non-cannabinoid botanical enhancements, and high testing and extraction standards, we awarded the maximum possible points for ingredient quality relative to price (90/100), which helped the brand recoup several points in this category.

Brand Value

Max Score = 25 points.
Receptra = 21 points.

This category covers a lot of ground, but the overall intention is to capture the total effect a CBD brand has on its customers, competitors, local and global communities, and the CBD industry at large.

We’re always open to considering non-conventional indicators of brand value if they produce positive change on these levels, but our general framework emphasizes these points:

  • Product innovation
  • Community and industry involvement/memberships
  • Participation/investment in medical studies
  • Legislative activism
  • Supplier oversight (vertically integrated?)
  • Institutional Knowledge
  • Philanthropy

Here’s how Receptra performed across these points. 

Product Innovation

More than just developing botanically enhanced CBD products before many of their competitors were, Receptra is also innovative in how they educate customers about creative approaches to CBD.

Specifically, the “CBD recipes” blog category on their site shows customers how to seamlessly slip some CBD into about two dozen recipes, from “sleep tea” to apple cider bundt cakes.

As mentioned, they were integral to the development and popularization of sleep, relax, and active formulation, and even after others made it to the party, Receptra still does it better. 

Community, Research, and Legislative Investment

In our correspondence with the Receptra team, we learned that they regularly attend industry events and have contributed to the hemp policymaking process with the aim of raising standards and removing bad actors who were cutting corners on safety and other key issues.

Considering they send their own people to handpick the hemp and extract from the flower, it’s more than fair to say that they maintain superior supplier oversight.

The brand’s institutional knowledge is evident throughout their product offering and their educational portal.

Receptra has participated in several philanthropic efforts, including partnering with Trees for the Future in 2019 to donate one tree for every sale, as well as other partnerships with Boarding for Breast Cancer and Mission K9.

Our Receptra Naturals Review Overall Rating

All tallied, Receptra earned an overall rating of 92.72 out of 100 points.

Here are some takeaways to sum up our review:

  • High-quality, botanically enhanced products
  • Superior testing standards and industry certifications
  • Excellent supplier oversight 
  • Ample consumer-friendly educational resources
  • Moderate pricing

After accounting for the usual ding in the value category (most brands lose at least 3-4 points there), we can’t single out a single area in which Receptra took a large deduction.

As such, we highly recommend Receptra to anyone looking to benefit from CBD, not just because their products are dependable, but because they invest in educating their customer base. 

Receptra Product Reviews

We sampled several topical products, CBD oil tinctures, and gummies from Receptra.

Here we will highlight our experiences with several of these products, factoring in concentration, value, taste, and more.

Receptra CBD Oil Review

learn more about receptra's cbd oils


We sampled Receptra’s Serious Relief tincture, featuring a full-spectrum hemp extract with turmeric at a concentration of 33mg of CBD per milliliter (990mg total).

This is slightly above our cutoff for effective CBD tincture concentrations, providing a solid dose at just one dropper.

Here is the cannabinoid breakdown according to the certificate of analysis for our sampled product, expressed in milligrams per milliliter of oil:

CBC: 1.62mg/mL
CBD: 32.5mg/mL
CBG: 1.34mg/mL
Delta-9 THC: 2.73mg/mL

The supporting cannabinoid concentration is well above 10% of the CBD density when you factor in THC, which is excellent.

The CBD is slightly under-delivered, but not to the extent that we would dock credit.

The addition of turmeric, a potent anti-inflammatory that speaks to the “relief” aspect, plays off the entourage effect for even greater benefits.


This tincture retails for $84.99, which reduces to approximately $0.086/mg.

As expected, this enhanced formulation runs a little bit more expensive than the “standard” oil we used in the review portion to assess Receptra’s pricing, but staying under a dime a milligram for anything this powerful is still reasonable.

Considering some of the competition, there’s room to drop this a penny or two per milligram, but it’s certainly not an unfair price point by any means.


The packaging was consistent with the other products we reviews; the outer box and inner container featured QR codes for lab reports, basic product info (ingredients and supplement facts), seals and certifications, and usage directions.

The box, darkly tinted tincture bottle, and dropper lid were all durable and easy to use throughout our sampling period.

Overall, the only critique we can offer is the same we did above—utilizing the space with a small blurb or two for new customers would have been helpful.


Here is the ingredient list for the Serious Relief 33mg/dose tincture we sampled, which came in Fresh Berry flavor:

Hemp flower extract, organic hemp seed oil, organic MCT oil, organic avocado oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic grapeseed oil, organic sunflower oil, ReceptraTM hemp extract, turmeric (curcumin), organic flavors (mint, berry).

Two things stand out starkly in this ingredient list: the sheer amount of ingredients and the fact that they are almost all organic.

Most tinctures stick to a pretty common motif of “carrier oil (MCT), hemp extract, natural flavoring,” but this product adds in polyphenol-rich olive, avocado, sunflower, and grapeseed oil among other plant-based ingredients.

Considering these are all organic, that price point is looking all the more impressive.


While we enjoyed the taste because we like the way natural hemp tastes, customers looking to the Fresh Berry flavor to mask this effectively may find that the hemp still gets through.

If anything, the berry was more evident in the aftertaste, but that first dropper-full is almost all hemp.

That said, the berry is pleasant and not too sweet, and the oil is characteristically thick and buttery.


After one day of use, taking a single dose in the morning and the evening, we were very pleased with this tincture’s effectiveness.

We noticed two major benefits: calmness and post-workout recovery.

About two hours after our morning dose, we felt less susceptible to the inevitable distractions that come from working at home, and less anxious in general.

It was easier to enter and stay in a flow state, yet we didn’t feel sluggish or sedated.

The recovery aspect was most evident the morning after rigorous workouts.

The standard muscle soreness was still evident, if not slightly reduced, but the biggest difference was in nagging aches and pains from old sports injuries (stiff ankle, hip pain, etc.) that normally flare up after said workouts.

Overall, this tincture delivered on its promises and then some.

Pros & Cons

Let’s start with the pros:

  • Industry-leading formulation with clean ingredients
  • Effective at promoting calm and reducing post-workout recovery
  • Affordable for the quality

And now the cons:

  • Berry Flavoring doesn’t conceal the hemp flavor
Receptra CBD Gummies Review

learn more about receptra cbd gummies


We sampled the Serious Relief and Serious Rest CBD gummies, which come in 33mg and 25mg concentrations (per gummy), respectively.

Both products come in 30-count tubs, and the Serious Rest gummies are advertised as having three milligrams of CBN added into each gummy.

Here is the cannabinoid breakdown for the Serious Relief gummies on a per-gummy basis:

  • CBC: 1.12mg
  • CBD: 32.52mg
  • CBG: 1mg
  • CBN: 1.96mg
  • Delta-9 THC: 1.8mg

And for the Serious Rest gummies, which were reported on a milligram-per-gram basis:

  • CBC: 0.28mg/g
  • CBD: 7.26mg/g
  • CBG: 0.25mg/g
  • CBN: 0.99mg/g
  • Delta-9 THC: 0.45mg/g

Both of these reports indicate a sizable concentration of supporting cannabinoids that exceeds 10% of the CBD density, which is excellent.

The Serious Relief gummies under-deliver slightly on the CBD, but not to a therapeutically relevant degree.

Other than that, this is exactly what we want to see on CBD gummy lab reports.


The Serious Relief gummies, which provide 990mg of CBD in total, retail for $59.99, which reduces to $0.06/mg.

The Serious Rest gummies, yielding 750mg of CBD and 90mg of CBN, retail for $54.99, which reduces to $0.07/mg.

Especially for gummies, which tend to surpass CBD oils in price, these are definitely competitive price points.

They aren’t lackluster formulations either; the supporting cannabinoid content clearly steers each product toward its intended use.


Both of these products came in darkly tinted tubs with threaded lids, and the Serious Rest gummies had a childproof locking mechanism (push down and turn).

The labeling included all of the basic information we needed plus the QR code for third-party lab reports, but once again, we found ourselves gauging the available space and wanting an extra blurb to introduce the products to new customers.

Overall, the packaging was durable and easy to use, and having a QR code that takes you straight to the lab reports is excellent.


Here is the ingredient list for the Serious Relief gummies, which came in Ginger Peach flavor: Full-spectrum hemp extract, ginger extract, turmeric extract, tapioca syrup, sugar, pectin, natural flavor (ginger, pech), alcohol, citric acid, sodium citrate.

The non-organic tapioca syrup and the 3mg of added sugar per gummy make us a little tentative on the sugar situation, but everything else looks optimal, including the turmeric extract.

Here is the ingredient list for the Serious Rest gummies, which came in Mountain Strawberry flavor: Hemp flower extract, organic cane sugar, water, tapioca syrup, pectin (pectin, sucrose, citric acid, sodium citrate), full -spectrum hemp extract, natural flavors, citric acid, lemon oil, cannabinol.

The sugar is toned down to one milligram per gummy, and for gummies, the use of artificial ingredients and preservatives is very low, so we’re happier with this ingredient list.


The Ginger Peach of the Serious Relief gummies may be our favorite flavor yet, complementing the shot of sugar with the unmistakable zing of the ginger.

Ginger is a bit divisive in its own right, but if you like it, it’s very likely you’ll enjoy these delicious gummies.

Ironically, the less sugary Serious Rest gummies in Mountain Strawberry tasted way sweeter than the former, almost to the point where we had to pause between gummies and drink some water.

It could definitely be toned down on the sweetness, but the flavor behind it was very tasty as well.


As we had hoped, the Serious Relief gummies closely mirrored the effects of the above tincture, allowing for a less painful return to consecutive workouts.

When taking two gummies at a time, we noticed the effects taking hold on the same day, especially on the rare occasion that we actually stretched after exercising.

The Serious Rest gummies were a little tougher to gauge on the first few days of sampling, but after we stopped taking them, we noticed it took longer to fall asleep.

This speaks to the subtlety and “background” nature of a well-balanced CBD product.

Pros & Cons

Let’s start with the pros:

  • Strong supporting cannabinoid concentration
  • Effective for post-workout soreness
  • Excellent flavor (Ginger Peach)
  • Competitively priced

And now for the cons:

  • Super sweet (Mountain Strawberry)

Here’s a balanced listing of some of our favorite products from Receptra.

Seriously Relax + Lavender Tincture

Seriously Relax + Lavender Tincture

Formulated with natural, potent ingredients like limonene and lavender, this tincture is made to work with your body.

It’s perfect for de-compressing before bed, especially for heavy screen users.

We also like how it’s available in a half-ounce bottle for people trying the product out.

Serious Wellness CBD Tincture

Serious Wellness CBD Tincture

Packing in 50mg of CBD per dose, Receptra’s original full-spectrum hemp extract brings value and effectiveness.

This tincture is perfect for people who benefit the most from hemp.

The simplistic formulation uses only MCT carrier oil and hemp.

Serious Relief Gummies

Serious Relief Gummies

Our testers loved the ginger peach flavor of these CBD gummies.

More importantly, we noticed marked improvements in post-exercise soreness.

We attribute this success not only to a high-quality hemp extract, but the use of turmeric and ginger.

All Products Sold by Receptra Naturals

Receptra has a relatively small offering of products that includes tinctures, topicals, pet chews, capsules, gummies, and pet products.

The brand has decided to stick with just a few categories to enhance the company’s ability to provide the most efficacious products possible.

What seems to make Receptra’s products work particularly well is their use of the hemp flower instead of hemp stalks and seeds, which leads to more highly concentrated products.

What’s impressive is that despite the high concentrations, Receptra has some of the most affordable products in the CBD market, and that’s by design.

Receptra Naturals CBD Oils

Receptra offers multiple variations of its CBD oil, including:

  • Serious Rest + Chamomile Tincture
  • Serious Relief + Turmeric Tincture
  • Serious Relief + Turmeric 0% THC Tincture
  • Seriously Relax + Lavender Tincture
  • Serious Wellness CBD

Best Use: These extracts are meant to enhance your general health and protect your well-being, likely making these extracts best used to decrease anxiety, elevate your mood, and help you sleep better.

Receptra Naturals Topicals

Receptra has a relatively small lineup of CBD topicals, but the products they do have are the best on the market.

In fact, the Receptra Naturals Targeted Topical was considered the best CBD topical of 2020 by our team.

Here’s a list of Receptra Natural’s CBD topicals:

  • Seriously Relax + Arnica Body Oil
  • Serious Relief + Arnica Targeted Topical Stick
  • Serious Relief + Arnica Targeted Topical
  • Serious Relief + Arnica Targeted Topical 0% THC
  • Serious Relief + Arnica Targeted Topical (Fitness/Yoga/Ski)

Best Use: The topical products are best for soothing aches and discomfort as well as caring for your skin.

Receptra Naturals CBD Capsules

Currently, Receptra offers two sets of CBD capsules: Serious Rest and Seriously Relax.

Best Use: CBD capsules offer the same benefits as CBD oil but contain preset amounts of CBD. They are ideal for quick consumption and during travel. They tend to be slightly less effective than CBD oil.

Receptra Naturals Gummies

Receptra offers two kinds of gummies: Serious Relief (33mg/gummy) in Ginger Peach and Serious Rest (25mg/gummy) in Fresh Berry.

Like many of their tinctures, these full-spectrum CBD gummies contain supporting botanicals that build on hemp’s effects.

Best Use: CBD gummies are ideal for newcomers to CBD who don’t prefer the hemp taste, or simply anyone who prefers an edible format that allows for consistent dosing.

Receptra Naturals CBD Pet Products

Receptra offers a pet tincture in two strengths: 16mg/serving and 25mg/serving, as well as CBD dog treats at 5mg/ea.

Best Use: This is best for calming uptight animals, relieving aches and discomfort, and improving a pet’s overall well-being by balancing its endocannabinoid system.

How to Contact Receptra Naturals

To contact Receptra Naturals, use their contact form, email ([email protected]), or call at 303-223-1663.


From their procedures to their mission, Receptra has impressed us tremendously.

Receptra’s process for creating hemp oil is excellent and clean, providing consistent products by using the best possible ingredients, following best practice protocol, and constantly testing products to ensure quality.

Besides creating some of the most high-quality CBD products on the market, the Receptra team wants to provide everyone with the opportunity to live a healthier life by educating them about the benefits of taking CBD on a daily basis.

After a comprehensive review of Receptra’s operations and testing their products, we are proud to recommend Receptra Naturals.


We hope you found this review helpful. Our goal is to find and test the best brands so you don’t have to, allowing you to buy with confidence from trustworthy businesses. If you’ve tried a product from Receptra Naturals, tell us about your experience in the comments below!

Disclaimer: The content on this site is for informational purposes only. We are not medical experts and nothing should be construed as medical advice. Be sure to speak with your physician before taking CBD or any other treatment.

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