Panacea Life Sciences

Panacea separates itself from the crowded CBD industry with a commitment to scientific research and discovery. They also produce unique products, ranging from face crème to equine tablets. The company is in a prime position to develop the scientific community’s understanding of CBD, while handing down the benefits to consumers.

Highlights of

  • Conducts research on CBD
  • Innovative products based on research
  • Reasonable prices
  • Hemp Source: Colorado and Kentucky
  • Extraction Method: Ethanol & CO2
  • 3rd Party Lab Results: Yes
  • Price: $$
  • About: Comprehensive Brand Review

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Panacea Overview

We like Panacea because of their dedication to researching CBD, unique products, and reasonable prices.

Panacea has tested their CBD products on osteoarthritis in dogs and general quality of life improvements in horses.

They have also partnered with hospitals to conduct tests on sleep, back pain, and are in the initial phases of testing CBD on traumatic brain injuries.

This research has fueled the creation of their unique products, such as quickly dissolving tablets and softgels.

Panacea also reasonably priced their products, but now you can get an even better deal.

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