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Receptra Serious Relief Gummies Review

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Written by The CBD Insider

Welcome to our Receptra Serious Relief Gummies review!

We sampled this trusted brand’s newly released CBD gummy (ginger peach flavor) to see if it was worth the hype, and with one exception to be discussed below, we were not disappointed.

These very tasty and cleanly formulated gummies provide a generous 33 milligrams of CBD per piece, and at a reasonable cost.

As always, we left no details unnoticed, closely inspecting everything from the hemp extract itself to the packaging for our review. 

Let’s start with the prime mover itself: the hemp extract.

Receptra Serious Relief Gummies


30-count: 33mg/gummy (1,000mg total)


Click “Learn more” for current price.


Full-spectrum hemp extract, tapioca syrup, sugar, pectin, natural flavor (ginger, peach), alcohol, citric acid, sodium citrate


Receptra’s hemp is organically grown and hand-harvested in Colorado farms, two high standards that set the company apart from the vast majority of their competitors.

Thanks to this slower, but more wholesome approach to harvesting, Receptra is able to exclusively derive their extracts from the hemp flower itself, which is the most cannabinoid- and terpene-dense part of the plant.

This aggressively hands-on philosophy is then completely reversed once the hemp oil has been extracted from the flower using ethanol, because as Receptra expressed to us in our comprehensive review of the brand, they don’t believe in altering the hemp extract past that point.

Essentially, Receptra develops their hemp extracts as naturally and consciously as possible, bringing nature’s original cannabinoid and terpene ratios safely to consumers, introducing supporting botanicals as appropriate, and then getting out of the way.

The result: highly effective, safe, and popular hemp products. 


At 33mg of CBD per piece and 30 pieces per container, we’re working with an approximate 1000mg of CBD per order. 

Specifically, the certificate of analysis provided to us by Receptra stipulates the following levels of CBD and other cannabinoids:

  • CBD: 0.81% (32.52mg/gummy)
  • CBC: 0.03% (1.12mg/gummy)
  • CBG: 0.03% (1mg/gummy)
  • CBN: 0.05% (1.96/gummy)
  • Delta-9-THC: 0.05% (1.8mg/gummy)

The test also picked up a 0.04% concentration of the beneficial terpene limonene, and as usual, all contaminant levels were reported as “below the limit of quantitation (LOQ),” meaning they were too scarce to be detected by the lab equipment (a passing grade, obviously).

Overall, this is exactly what we want to see: almost six milligrams of supporting cannabinoids per gummy and a federally legal THC level.

Well, almost exactly—the CBD level is technically overreported on the product’s label (33mg versus 32.52mg), but half a milligram doesn’t exactly constitute a flagrant violation.


Receptra Naturals charges $59.99 for their 1000mg container of CBD gummies, reducing to $0.06/piece.

Especially for a full-spectrum product from a reputable brand, this is a highly competitive price, only surpassed by a small minority of gummies we’ve reviewed.

In fact, had these gummies been around when we initially published our cheapest CBD oil article, they would have squeezed into fourth place for the cheapest CBD gummies (from reputable brands) on the market.

The product quality you’re getting with Receptra starkly contrasts this price point, driving the overall value even higher.


These gummies come in a heavily tinted plastic tub with screw-on lid.

Included on the label are supplement facts, ingredients, general product information (concentration, count, flavor, etc.), a QR code for COA access, usage directions, and pregnancy/FDA disclaimers.

All packaging was intact upon receipt, and the lid was easy to work with.

We normally don’t harp too much on the lack of educational information with smaller product labels, but we will say in the case of CBD gummies that a small blurb for beginners (e.g., “What Is full-spectrum hemp?” or “How does CBD work?”) is always nice.

Overall, the packaging and labeling is consistent with most of the leading brands we’ve reviewed. 


Here is the ingredients list for the Receptra Naturals Serious Relief for Recovery Gummies, which come in ginger peach flavoring:

Full-spectrum hemp extract, tapioca syrup, sugar, pectin, natural flavor (ginger, peach), alcohol, citric acid, sodium citrate.

As expected, we found a clean ingredient list completely free of artificial flavoring, high-fructose corn syrup, and other harmful additives.

The added sugar, totaling three milligrams per gummy according to the label, is not egregious, but it’s on the higher end of our preferred range. 

Considering the majority of consumers are not likely to take more than two or three of these fairly potent gummies in a day, it’s not a major concern.

Overall, these gummies boast an excellent ingredients list. 

Flavor and Texture

We thoroughly enjoyed the natural, perfectly balanced flavor of these ginger peach gummies, which were just sweet enough and only mildly bitter.

Ginger is a smart play for CBD gummies, because it’s naturally strong and can flatten out bitterness fairly potently, which is what we experienced with this product.

The texture landed right in the middle of the chewy-soft spectrum; we’ve had much softer and much firmer gummies.

All things considered, these gummies were very enjoyable in the flavor and texture department. 


In general, workout recovery has been one of the hardest benefits to detect and measure for us when reviewing CBD products, but these Receptra Serious Relief for Recovery gummies made it easy.

Particularly, knee and ankle pain after several consecutive days of running workouts were noticeably reduced.

We also noticed less general soreness and stiffness when waking up the morning after more intense workout sessions.

The greater the soreness we experienced, the greater the benefit was; we didn’t notice strong effects while taking these on non-workout days.

We don’t normally dispense workout advice, but it’s also important to note for anyone looking to try this product for post-workout soreness that stretching, hydration, and a good cool-down are absolutely essential.

As we like to stress along with many concurring brands we work with, CBD is not going to do all the work for you, but as part of a team effort, these gummies are quite effective for their marketed purpose. 

Pros & Cons

Let’s start with the pros:

  • Highly effective
  • Highly affordable
  • Clean ingredients list
  • Excellent flavor and texture

And now the cons:

  • Slightly under on CBD density claim

Receptra Recovery CBD Gummies


30-count: 33mg/gummy (1,000mg total)


Click “Learn more” for current price.


Full-spectrum hemp extract, tapioca syrup, sugar, pectin, natural flavor (ginger, peach), alcohol, citric acid, sodium citrate

Key Takeaways

After trying these gummies ourselves, and considering Receptra has such a solid legacy of creating high-quality CBD products, we recommend this product to anyone looking to cut down post-workout soreness naturally and safely.

It also helps that Receptra is current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) certified, and that they follow a consumer-focused mindset that drives their decisions to cultivate hemp by hand and follow organic guidelines.

As long as you do your part to make each workout safe and effective, these gummies can be a trusted ally in the effort to get up tomorrow and do it all again.

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