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Elixinol Immune Gut Health Capsules Review

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Welcome to our Elixinol Immune Gut Health Capsules Review!

It’s rare to see a hemp-based CBD product take aim at immune and/or gut health, let alone both, so we knew we had to try these capsules and review them.

Certified by the US Hemp Authority and the USDA (organic), Elixinol is known for their high standards of quality and transparency.

While we’re slightly surprised to see this formulation type in a capsule, we weren’t surprised that Elixinol was the brand behind it.

Overall, we found these capsules to be effective at amounts of 45mg (three capsules) or higher – here’s what we learned in the process. 

Elixinol Immune Gut Health Capsules


60-count: 15mg/capsule (900 mg total)


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Hemp extract (aerial parts), GinfortTM (ginger extract, 26% gingeroids), medium chain triglyceride coconut oil, vegetarian capsules (hypromellose, purified water, D-sorbitol), silica


Like every other Elixinol product, the hemp in these capsules was sourced from USDA-certified organic farmers in Colorado. 

The cannabinoids are then extracted from the plant using the industry gold standard: CO2. 

All customers can access the third-party lab report, or certificate of analysis (COA), for their product batch by scanning the QR code on the bottle or visiting the Elixinol site.

This particular formulation takes advantage of ginger, an antioxidant-rich herb that has many benefits for immune and gut health.

As what’s called a “carminative herb,” ginger helps to clear out gas from the digestive tract, a highly uncomfortable issue that we can all relate to.

Both this product and the brand behind it earn top marks for quality standards.


These Immune Gut Health Capsules come in one concentration and size: 15mg/capsule and a 60-count jar, which totals 900mg of CBD.

Here is the cannabinoid profile according to our product’s COA (for one capsule):

  • Delta-9 THC: 0.33mg
  • CBD: 17.37mg
  • CBN: 0.13mg
  • CBG: 0.23mg
  • CBC: 0.63mg

All totaled, the ratio of supporting cannabinoids to CBD is close to 1:10, which is our cutoff for a cannabinoid-rich extract.

Elixinol over-delivers on the CBD, which is always nice to see.

Additionally, the THC level falls well below the legal limit, so Elixinol does very well in the concentration category.


Elixinol Immune Gut Health CBD capsules retail for $64.99, which reduces to roughly $0.07 per milligram of CBD.

Any CBD product priced under $0.10/mg is at least moderately competitive, but considering the addition of ginger (and the overall quality associated with Elixinol), we consider this full-spectrum product a great value at $0.07/mg.

In fact, Elixinol snuck into fifth place for cheapest CBD capsule among our trusted brands.


These capsules come in a darkly tinted container with a standard twist-on lid. 

The label provides all the essentials (supplement facts, ingredients, suggested use, etc.) as well as background information on Elixinol and a QR code for COA access.

All of the packaging was intact upon receipt, and held up through our use of the product.

As such, Elixinol does very well on the packaging front. 


Here is the ingredient list for these Immune Gut Health Capsules: Hemp extract (aerial parts), GinfortTM (ginger extract, 26% gingeroids), medium chain triglyceride coconut oil, vegetarian capsules (hypromellose, purified water, D-sorbitol), silica.

Everything we want to see is there: a full-spectrum hemp extract, botanical support, a carrier oil, and a vegetarian capsule.

Just as importantly, harsh preservatives or other additives are nowhere to be found within the ingredient list.


They may be able to work around the hemp flavor, but most CBD capsules still have a faintly bitter and/or sweet taste, depending on their composition.

As expected, these capsules had a slightly bitter taste, and the ginger caused a faint tingling in the chest several minutes after ingestion.

Considering the capsule is tasked in this case with containing both the hemp and ginger flavors, we were surprised at how little we could taste either one.


We noticed benefits in two areas after our trial of these Immune Gut Health capsules: mood and GI distress.

In both cases, we had to take three capsules at a time (45mg CBD total) to notice any change.

At this potency, we felt a sense of calm that set in within less than an hour and persisted through most of the day. 

We also noticed much less GI discomfort after large, heavier meals.

As mentioned, ginger belongs to a class of carminative herbs, which help with GI distention, flatulence, and other uncomfortable or painful gastrointestinal issues.

This review from Iran’s Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences goes into greater detail about ginger’s many therapeutic properties, which include cramp relief, bloating, and “gastric emptying.”

We noticed throughout the sampling period that these effects were particularly apparent in the hours following a large meal.

Since insufficient gastric emptying—the transition of food from the stomach to the small intestine—can lead to an umbrella of more serious GI disorders, making carminative herbs (and anti-inflammatory foods/supplements) a regular fixture in the diet is always a great idea.

Overall, we were pleased with how effectively these capsules improved our mood and decreased post-meal discomfort

Pros & Cons

Let’s start with the pros:

  • High-quality formulation, 1:10 ratio of supporting cannabinoids to CBD.
  • Effective for mood and post-meal comfort.
  • Almost completely masks hemp and ginger flavors.
  • Competitively priced.

And now for the cons:

  • Three capsules required to feel effects


Overall, these capsules show great promise as a unique option for people experiencing GI discomfort and stress issues.

We wish it didn’t take 3+ capsules to produce any kind of benefit, but the lower CBD concentration per capsule is helpful for samplers or anyone else who needs/wants to take smaller amounts.

Elixinol has kept to their high standards of quality and transparency with this CBD product, which is one reason we feel confident recommending it to others.

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