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All of Your CBD Needs for $125

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Written by The CBD Insider

We’ve negotiated with CBDistillery to offer our readers 25% off orders of $125 or more, plus free shipping, so we’ve compiled a list of the various ways you can get all of your CBD needs for $125.

CBDistillery is one of our Trusted Brands and a company that leads the way for the hemp and CBD industries.

They provide third-party lab-tested, US Hemp Authority-certified products made from non-GMO, US-grown hemp.

Choose Your Bundle

  1. Bundle #1: One and Done
  2. Bundle #2: Dynamic Duos
  3. Bundle #3: Triple Threat
  4. Bundle #4: Bang for Your Buck
  5. Bundle #5: Sit Back and Relax

Why CBDistillery?

CBDistillery is one of the premier CBD companies in the industry.

They grow non-GMO hemp with natural farming practices, providing high-quality, and, most importantly, safe hemp oil.

The company recently achieved self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) status for its full-spectrum and CBD isolate products, meaning CBDistillery’s products are safe in accordance with FDA standards for food ingredients.

In March 2019, CBDistillery was awarded the US Hemp Authority certification, which is given to companies who pass a stringent third-party audit to indicate their commitment to manufacturing best practices.

Aside from the company’s obvious dedication to doing the right thing, CBDistillery is also committed to providing the most affordable prices, often charging significantly less than most of its competitors.

To boot, CBDistillery has a vast product selection spanning multiple categories, including tinctures, capsules, gummies, topicals, vapes, and more.

CBDistillery Product Bundles for $125 (ish)

See the hand-picked bundles from CBDistillery that our editors recommend below:

Bundle #1: One and Done

Bundle #1: One and Done

Bundle Price

$130 (with 25CBDINSIDER: $97.50)

What is this bundle best for?

Discomfort, mood, relaxation, and sleep


This technically isn’t a bundle, but if you’re looking for just one product to satisfy the $125 threshold, this is it.

CBDistillery’s tincture packs 83mg of CBD per serving, ideal for almost any purpose.

Our team noticed a range of benefits, including but not limited to relaxation, energy, and improved sleep quality.

If you don’t mind the taste of hemp, this 2,500mg full-spectrum tincture is one of the most affordable, pure, and effective CBD oils you’ll ever come across.

We recommend this “bundle” if you’re looking for a reliable product and a quick shopping trip.

Bundle #2: Dynamic Duos

Bundle #2: Dynamic Duos

Bundle Price

$125 (with 25CBDINSIDER: $93.75)

What is this bundle best for?

Mood, relaxation, and sleep


With this bundle, you can get the market’s most popular type of CBD products (CBD oil and gummies) with CBDistillery’s 500mg full-spectrum CBD oil tincture and both versions of their gummies.

The 500mg tincture is made from the same CBD oil as the 2,500mg that we talk about in the first bundle, just with a lower potency.

People often use CBD oil for improving their mood, promoting relaxation, or even providing relief from discomfort or soreness.

As for the gummies, CBDistillery offers CBD isolate gummies and nighttime gummies that also contain melatonin.

The normal gummies are likely best for providing an energy boost, improving focus, or lifting your mood.

The nighttime gummies—which have 1.5mg of melatonin per gummy—are intended to promote relaxation and improved sleep.

Each set of gummies contain 25 gummies with 30mg of CBD isolate each along with a variety of flavors, such as raspberry-lemon, raspberry, and strawberry.

Bundle #3: Triple Threat

Bundle #3: Triple Threat

Bundle Price

$135 (with 25CBDINSIDER: $101.25)

What is this bundle best for?

Recovery (discomfort and sleep)


The Triple Threat bundle gives you products from three categories, allowing you to use them for a variety of purposes.

These items complement each other well, providing various administration routes for your body to get the best use of CBD.

According to CBDistillery, 62% of people who use multiple CBD products daily find it more effective than using one product alone.

One of our recommended uses for this bundle is for recovery.

The 1,000mg tincture supplies a high potency option to alleviate soreness through your whole body, while the relief stick provides targeted relief to specific areas that require extra attention.

Finally, you can use the nighttime gummies to promote better sleep, a crucial aspect in improving athletic performance and boosting recovery.

Bundle #4: Bang for Your Buck

Bundle #4: Bang for your Buck

Bundle Price

$140 (with 25CBDINSIDER: $105)

What is this bundle best for?

Getting a little bit of everything: mood, energy, relief, relaxation, etc.


To get the most bang for your buck, we recommend getting a little bit of everything: tinctures, vape pens, topicals, and gummies.

You can choose either set of gummies depending on your needs—normal gummies or nighttime gummies—since both cost $55.

If you’re in need of targeted relief, CBDol Relief Stick contains 500mg of CBD (that’s high for a topical) and menthol, which can provide a cooling and soothing sensation wherever you may need it.

The Lavender Vanilla vape pen provides a relaxing experience that works quickly thanks to its unique administration method.

Finally, round out your bundle (and reach the $125 target) with the 250mg Full-Spectrum CBD Oil tincture that provides a moderate 8.3mg per serving to supplement your remaining CBD needs.

Bundle #5: Sit Back and Relax

Bundle #5: Sit back and relax

Bundle Price

$130 (with 25CBDINSIDER: $97.50)

What is this bundle best for?

Relaxation (calm and sleep)


If you’re focusing on getting your relaxation on, this is the bundle for you.

According to our own experience with the 1,000mg tincture, we found it helped us relax and feel ready for bed, which also translated to better sleep.

The nighttime gummies, which contain a small dose of melatonin (1.5mg) and 30mg of CBD, may also help your body get right for a peaceful night of rest.

Lastly, but not least, the lavender vanilla vape pen could also help you get a full night of sleep.

Lavender is well-known to promote relaxation and good rest, while lavender offers a soothing and pleasant aroma that is also shown to decrease stress.

Adding in the fact that vaping is one of the quickest ways to notice the effects of CBD and this particular vape pen creates an ideal environment for relaxation.

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