CBD News Roundup: Study Finds Arthritic Dogs Can Benefit From CBD

study on cbd for dogs with arthritis

Here’s the latest CBD news:

  • A recent study by Baylor College of Medicine has found that dogs with osteoarthritis can benefit from CBD treatment.
  • South Africa amends drug laws to allow from some over-the-counter CBD products.
  • The White House is reviewing a plan for CBD and marijuana research with guidance from the FDA.

Table of Contents

  1. Arthritic Dogs Can Benefit From CBD Treatment, Study Says
  2. South Africa Permanently Removes Some CBD Products from Narcotics Scheduling
  3. CBD & Marijuana Research Under Review At The White House

Arthritic Dogs Can Benefit From CBD Treatment, Study Says

A recent study has found that CBD can help treat arthritis in dogs, and may warrant future evaluation for CBD in the treatment of human arthritis. 

In the study, nine out of 10 dogs with osteoarthritis witnessed improvement after CBD treatment. The study, published in the journal PAIN, was conducted by researchers at Baylor College of Medicine in a partnership with Medterra CBD.

Researchers found that the studied dogs experienced reduced production in inflammatory molecules as well as immune cells linked to arthritis. They also determined that CBD acted faster and was more effective when it was administered via liposome capsules. 

In a statement, Dr. Matthew Halpert, a part of the research faculty in the Department of Pathology and Immunology at Baylor, said, “We studied dogs because experimental evidence shows that spontaneous models of arthritis, particularly in domesticated canine models, are more appropriate for assessing human arthritis pain treatments than other animal models. The biological characteristics of arthritis in dogs closely resemble those of the human condition.”

Dr. Halpert also found the CBD oil used from Medterra to be safe.

“We did not detect alterations in the blood markers we measured, suggesting that, under the conditions of our study, the treatment seems to be safe.”

South Africa Permanently Removes Some CBD Products from Narcotics Scheduling

South Africa has amended its drug law to allow some CBD products to be available over the counter. The ruling made permanent last year’s amendment to the Medicines and Related Substances Act of 1965.

The ruling removes certain CBD medicines and full-spectrum cannabis-derived products from medical controls. 

Health Minister Aaron Mostoaledi spearheaded the move in last year’s amendment, which allows for products for non-serious health conditions with a maximum daily dose of 20mg of CBD, or 600mg per pack. Previously, these products would require a prescription.

The ruling also removes restrictions on ingestible products that are derived from raw biomass and contain 0.0075 percent or less of CBD.

CBD & Marijuana Research Under Review At The White House 

A federal plan for marijuana and CBD research has been put before the White House with guidance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

Set before the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB), little is known about the document entitled: “Cannabis and Cannabis-Derived Compounds: Quality Considerations for Clinical Research.” 

However, the FDA said in a statement that it might eventually allow cannabis and CBD companies to market their products as dietary supplements or food items.

“We recognize that there is substantial public interest in marketing and accessing CBD for a variety of products,” said the FDA. “We are working toward a goal of providing additional guidance, and have made substantial progress. There are many questions to explore regarding the science, safety, effectiveness and quality of products containing CBD, and we need to do our due diligence.”

The statement continued: “As part of our work, the FDA continues to explore potential pathways for various types of CBD products to be lawfully marketed. An important component of this work is obtaining and evaluating information to address outstanding questions related to the safety of CBD products that will inform our consideration of potential regulatory frameworks for CBD while maintaining the FDA’s rigorous public health standards.”

Those in the CBD and cannabis industries eagerly wait to see whether the FDA will wait for this guidance to be finalized before it issues final rules on how CBD and cannabis products can be marketed. The FDA has also indefinitely extended the comment period for the public to issue input about the safety and efficacy of CBD.

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