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CBDistillery and Releaf App Recruiting Volunteers for Anxiety Study

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Written by The CBD Insider

As part of their ongoing campaign to closely study the effects of hemp-based compounds like CBD, CBG, and others on sleep, anxiety, and more, CBDistillery and the Releaf App are currently taking volunteers for their “anxiety pathfinder mission.”

Eight pathfinder missions were announced earlier this year, of which the anxiety pathfinder mission is the third.

The Releaf App—a free mobile app that allows users to log their hemp product usage, dosage, experiences, and more—acts as the data collection arm of these studies.

To participate in this pathfinder mission, participants will purchase and use CBDistillery’s 30mg Broad-Spectrum CBD Softgels and Regular Strength Daytime Synergy 500mg CBG + 500mg CBD tincture for $65 in total, which is discounted from $105 (the softgels are free).

Participants will then take the softgels for half of the 30-day trial window, followed by the CBG/CBD tincture for the second half.

Throughout the Pathfinder Mission participants will be sent text messages to answer questions that assess their experiences with the products as well as their usage habits (dosage, frequency, etc.).

If you’re interested in advancing the state of hemp research while receiving discounted CBD products from an industry-leading brand, you can answer the qualification questions on the sign-up page.

More About CBDistillery

Formed in 2016 as a subsidiary of Balanced Health Botanicals, CBDistillery is well known for their vocal opposition to CBD industry gimmicks and misinformation (hence the continued commitment to research). 

The #CBDMOVEMENT the brand launched in 2019 spanned several months, culminating in several Times Square billboards decrying CBD gimmicks and a CBD User Guide that has been downloaded more than 40k times. 

The second prong of this approach was mindful, evidence-based product development, an effort CBDistillery is currently engaged in.

Since their inception, the brand has amassed a catalog of CBD tinctures, softgels, gummies, and more incorporating a broad host of cannabinoids and supporting botanicals.

CBDistillery also was named Best CBD Brand of 2021 by The CBD Insider in December 2021.

To learn more about CBDistillery, we invite you to check out our comprehensive brand review.

More About Releaf App

MoreBetter, creators of the Releaf App, originally developed Releaf so co-founder Franco Brockelman could help his mother track her dosage and other usage parameters while using medical cannabis.

Releaf App is now the highest-rated app in its category of helping individuals track and improve their use of cannabis and CBD.

CBDistillery isn’t the first party to use the platform as a vehicle for collecting and interpreting real-time cannabis use data; several peer-reviewed medical journals and organizations have levied the Releaf App for similar projects.

CBDistillery is using both of MoreBetter’s tools: Releaf App and their web-based software currently called BT Studies, through which the Pathfinder Missions are run.

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