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CBDistillery CBG Oil Review

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Welcome to our CBDistillery CBG Oil Review! 

As one of the largest and most positively acclaimed brands throughout the CBD industry, CBDistillery has raised the bar on themselves in every category that we rank brands and products for.

Needless to say, we held no punches when reviewing CBDistillery’s Relief + Relax CBD and CBG Tincture, assessing everything from the dropper lid to the third-party testing protocols. 

Still, our almost boringly predictable conclusion was that this is yet another excellent product from CBDistillery一here’s why.

CBDistillery Relief + Relax CBG Oil


2000mg: 66mg/serving (33mg CBD, 33mg CBG)

1000mg: 34mg/serving (17g CBD, 17 mg CBG)


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Full-spectrum hemp extract (aerial parts), fractionated coconut oil (MCT), natural terpenes


The CBDistillery CBG Oil Tincture comes in two concentrations: 1000mg and 2000mg. 

Both concentrations contain a 1:1 ratio of CBD to CBG, so the 1,000mg bottle contains 500mg of CBD and 500mg of CBG total, doubling proportionally for the 2,000mg bottle.

For our product (we sampled the 1000mg), this breaks down to 34 mg of total cannabinoids per milliliter serving, or 17 mg of each. 

Here is the cannabinoid breakdown per the certificate of analysis or COA for our product expressed in milligrams of cannabinoid per serving (one milliliter of oil):

  • CBG: 18.052
  • CBD: 17.349
  • Delta-9: 0.875
  • CBC: 0.857

First and foremost, whether or not we consider CBG a supporting cannabinoid or a “co-star” with CBD, we’ve yet to see another brand even come close to a 1:1 ratio of a non-CBD cannabinoid to CBD (1:10 is where we start feeling impressed).

Back to the lab report, the CBG and CBD levels are on point, the delta-9 THC level is well within the legal limit, and a little CBC adds a cherry on top. 

If you’re really honing in on CBD to accurately gauge its effects, this product may get in your way a bit, but for the larger majority looking to leverage the entourage effect, we can’t think of a better tincture. 


The 1000mg CBDistillery CBG Oil Tincture retails on the CBDistillery site for $75, which breaks down to $0.075/mg of cannabinoids.

The 2000mg bottle is $125, reducing to roughly $0.063/mg of cannabinoids.

Normally, we don’t count non-CBD cannabinoids when calculating price-per-milligram, but considering the massive showing of CBG in this case, it’s more than reasonable to lump the two together.

As for the figures themselves, $0.075/mg is moderately competitive for a standard CBD oil, and $0.063/mg is striding towards “bargain” status.

Considering the brand’s reputation, and that this tincture allows so much more opportunity for the entourage effect一the synergistic action of multiple cannabinoids working together一we consider both price points to be highly competitive. 

If you want better value, feel free to use our CBDistillery coupon code.


Like most of their other products and the majority of their competitors, CBDistillery packages this oil tincture in a small box.

The outer box contained supplement facts, other ingredients, usage directions, a short blurb about the endocannabinoid system, another blurb about CBG, and a QR code to access lab reports (in addition to concentration and other surface-level info).

The darkly tinted glass bottle housing the CBD oil provided all of this information with the exception of the two blurbs.

The non-demarcated dropper lid was easy to use, and it extracted the product without having to tip the bottle and/or retry several times.

Overall, the labeling and packaging were durable, informative, and pristine upon arrival一top marks in this area.


Here is the ingredient list verbatim:

Full-spectrum hemp extract (aerial parts), fractionated coconut oil (MCT), natural terpenes.

There are convincing arguments both for and against enriching CBD products with supporting, non-cannabinoid botanicals like turmeric, ashwagandha, and so forth, but we’re not here to take a side.

Once again, we will say that the interplay between the equally weighted cannabinoids can provide a similar boost (to botanical enhancement), all while avoiding preservatives or other undesirable ingredients.

Flavor and Texture

This naturally flavored tincture was right where we expected it to be in the flavor and texture department一it’s buttery (MCT oil) and moderately bitter.

There isn’t much else to say, because there’s absolutely no flavoring added; this tasted exactly like hemp.

Like the discussion around botanical additives, the jury is very much split on the hemp flavor, but this is purely subjective.

We happen to enjoy it, in the case of this tincture and most other naturally “flavored” CBD products.


When taking this CBDistillery Relief + Relax tincture once in the morning and once in the evening (about 67mg total cannabinoids per day), we noticed several benefits related to mood, activity level, and discomfort.

First and foremost, it was easier to calmly focus on tasks for longer periods of time, which was helpful for work productivity.

Our testers also noticed that it was easier to exercise multiple days in a row while supplementing with this tincture, both because of decreased soreness and improved energy.

It normally takes 80-100mg of CBD a day to achieve these benefits, but the 1:1 ratio of CBD to CBG seemed to help potency.

Overall, we were impressed with both the range and potency of the benefits provided from this tincture, which were consistent throughout our use of the product.

Pros & Cons

Let’s start with the pros:

  • Very high “supporting cannabinoid” (CBG) concentration
  • Effective for comfort, energy, and mood
  • Reputable brand with high testing standards
  • Competitively priced

And now the con:

Some won’t like the natural hemp flavor.

CBDistillery Relief + Relax CBG Oil


2000mg: 66mg/serving (33mg CBD, 33mg CBG)

1000mg: 34mg/serving (17g CBD, 17 mg CBG)


Click “learn more” to see price


Full-spectrum hemp extract (aerial parts), fractionated coconut oil (MCT), natural terpenes

About CBDistillery

Formed as a subsidiary of Balanced Health Botanicals in 2016, CBDistillery has been committed to educating consumers (seriously – they rented Times Square billboards as part of an anti-gimmick campaign) since their inception.

Bolstering their campaign against CBD industry misinformation are their CO2-extracted, organic, lab-verified hemp products in industry-leading concentrations and formulations.

CBDistillery has dozens of products across all popular product types, and they take customer service, community and industry involvement, and value very seriously, which is why they earned an unprecedented 96.25 on our CBDistillery review.

If you’re looking for a discount, then check out our latest CBDistillery coupon.

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