2018 CBD Gift-Giving Guide

Christmas gift boxes

It’s once again that time of year when you scramble to find gifts for the special people in your life, but this year doesn’t need to be stressful. Cannabidiol (CBD), with its many forms, offers a bevy of options perfect for everyone on your list. CBD is a popular and potentially effective compound used to ease pain, reduce inflammation, calm anxiety, improve sleep, and has many other potential benefits. Products ranging from CBD-infused chocolate to CBD/Peppermint salves will help you be everyone’s favorite gift giver this year. Give the gift of health and well-being this holiday season!

Table of Contents

  1. Is CBD Really a Good Gift Idea?
  2. The Best CBD Gifts for Everyone in Your Life
  3. CBD Gifts for Grandparents
  4. CBD Gifts for Mom & Dad
  5. CBD Gifts for Uncles & Aunts
  6. CBD Gifts for Kids
  7. Recommended CBD Products
  8. CBD Topicals
  9. CBD Edibles
  10. CBD Isolate
  11. CBD Vape
  12. CBD Sprays

Is CBD Really a Good Gift Idea?

Health and wellness are trending.

More people than ever are obsessed with helping their bodies stay healthy so they can feel their best, and why shouldn’t they be?

Everybody wants to feel at their best, especially around the holidays.

CBD is known to help you do just that by interacting with the system in your body responsible for maintaining balance, called the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

This system helps regulate a multitude of functions such as memory, mood, inflammation, pain perception, and more.

Research shows CBD enhances the function of the ECS and as a result, may help treat conditions like epilepsy, arthritis, anxiety disorders, PTSD, liver disease, inflammation, pain, and sleep disorders.

So whether it’s through alleviating pain, reducing inflammation, or calming anxiety, giving CBD to your loved ones is giving them the gift of well-being.

The Best CBD Gifts for Everyone in Your Life

Everyone has that person in their life who is extremely difficult to shop for.

You know the one.

Thankfully, you can wow them this holiday season.

CBD has been made into a wide range of items, so there is something for everyone.

CBD Gifts for Grandparents

Is grandma or grandpa struggling with joint pain from arthritis?

Then a CBD topical or salve may be the perfect gift.

Topicals can be directly applied to areas of discomfort, allowing its anti-inflammatory properties to ease inflammation and pain.

CBD topicals are often infused with essential oils, adding to the product’s potency and giving it a soothing scent.

CBD Gifts for Mom & Dad

Is Mom striving to live that paleo life, but still has a sweet tooth? We have the perfect CBD solution for you.

Edibles are great ways to experience the benefits of CBD while also enjoying a tasty treat, such as peanut butter, honey, or even chocolate.

Or what about Dad’s old knee injury that’s acting up again from his high school football glory days? CBD can help with that, too.

CBD isolate (a typically 99% pure, crystallized form of CBD) is a versatile, effective way to help treat pain, along with other ailments.

Isolate can be added to just about anything, like beverages, food, or even other CBD products to enhance their potency.

CBD Gifts for Uncles & Aunts

It seems every family has the stereotypical crazy uncle or aunt, but no matter who your off-the-wall family member happens to be, give them the CBD gift that’s just as fun as they are.

CBD vape oil is a trendy and healthy alternative to smoking, allowing the CBD content to enter the bloodstream quickly for fast-acting potential relief of inflammation and sleep improvement.

There’s absolutely no high with CBD, so vaping can be a tasty, relaxing (and sober) experience.

CBD Gifts for Kids

Whether you have a stressed-out student in your family or a hyperactive kid, CBD is great for the young ones, too.

If they’re feeling anxious or overly excited (e.g., the night before Christmas), you can help them feel calmer (and get some sleep) with a CBD spray.

Ideal for kids and beginners, sprays provide an easy-to-use form of CBD with consistent doses and a typically low concentration per serving.

Think it may be daunting to find all those gifts on your own from reputable brands?

It is.

That’s why we’ve got you covered with some recommended products from respected CBD companies:

CBD Topicals

hemp health cbd peppermint eucalyptus soothing salve

Hemp Health Inc.’s Peppermint Eucalyptus salve will be the highlight of any stocking with its heavenly blend of 150 mg of CBD and other premium ingredients, such as peppermint, eucalyptus, and arnica oil.

It is incredibly effective for relieving pain and inflammation, as well as soothing and cooling areas of discomfort.

This salve also has a potent, pleasant scent that will remind the recipient of the holidays.

Check out our full, comprehensive review of Hemp Health and its products.

CBD Edibles

therapeutic treats extra strength dark chocolate cbd chocolate bar

From CBD Oil Solutions, this CBD-infused Dark Chocolate bar by Therapeutic Treats is made with two, simple, all-natural ingredients: rainforest-grown cacao from South America and CBD oil from organic, food-grade hemp.

In addition to a great price, this chocolate delight will help your recipient relax with the calming effects of CBD while still enjoying a holiday treat.

CBD Isolate

the cbdistillery pure cbd isolate powder

The CBDistillery’s CBD isolate is not only one of the highest quality isolates available, but it will also keep your wallet full.

This product is third-party tested, made from pesticide-free hemp, and is extracted using CO2.

Isolate can be added to anything (even your cup of eggnog) to add a pain-alleviating, inflammation-reducing kick to your recipient’s day.

CBD Vape

hemp hookahzz cbd rechargeable vape kit

Hemp Hookahzz offers high-quality vape pens with the purest CBD oil to boot, all at a competitive cost.

Hemp Hookahzz’s oil comes from organic hemp and is vegetable-glycerin based, making it safe enough to drink.

This bundle offers a rechargeable battery, atomizer with CBD vape liquid, and USB charger, everything your recipient will need to get started having a holly jolly, anxiety-free Christmas.

CBD Sprays

hemp health 550 mg extra strength oral hemp oil spray

Here’s another quality product from Hemp Health: 550 mg Extra Strength Oral Hemp Oil Spray/Tincture.

This spray offers 6.87 mg of CBD per two pump serving, an ideal amount for those just starting with CBD.

After testing it ourselves, we found this spray was helpful for getting us to sleep at night while making our days less stressful and more upbeat.

What are the best CBD gifts you have given or gotten? Let everyone know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: The content on this site is for informational purposes only. We are not medical experts, and nothing should be construed as medical advice. Be sure to speak with your physician before taking CBD or any other treatment.