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How to Make CBD Gummies: A Delicious, Affordable Guide

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CBD gummies are a tasty and fun way to get your daily dose of CBD. But, they are notoriously expensive, and it’s been revealed that some brands have unreliable or inconsistent amounts of CBD in their gummies. 

For these reasons and others, CBD users have turned to their own kitchens to make CBD gummies they can trust

Luckily, it’s not hard to make CBD gummies. With a few simple ingredients and some CBD oil or CBD isolate, you can make your own CBD gummies in minutes

In this article, we’ll tell you how to make your own gummies in a few different ways. We’ll also give you some reasons to start making your own gummies.

Why Make Your Own CBD Gummies? 

Here are a few reasons why you might want to make your own CBD gummies. 

  • Natural ingredients: Commercial CBD gummies contain artificial ingredients like sweeteners, preservatives, and dyes. When you make your own, you can cut the chemicals and enjoy a natural treat. 
  • Better taste: Artificially flavored gummies don’t taste as good as gummies made with real fruit juice or pureed fruit. At home, you can use better ingredients to make tastier gummies. 
  • You choose the dosage: You can put anywhere from 0.2 mg to 200 mg of CBD in each gummy when you make them yourself. If you want a bigger kick, add more CBD. Or, if you want to eat more gummies, make a weaker batch. 
  • Peace of mind: CBD brands are not regulated by the FDA, and some take advantage of that. When you make your own gummies, you know exactly what you’re getting in every bite. 
  • Cost-effective: Making your own gummies is up to 5x cheaper than buying them online, depending on the concentration. 
  • Easy and fun: Making a batch of CBD gummies takes less than an hour. With all the colors and flavors to try, it can be a fun and rewarding hobby.

How to Make Your Own CBD Gummies

Here are two of our favorite CBD gummy recipes. You can make these recipes at home in less than an hour using CBD oil or CBD isolate. To find the right CBD for your gummies, make sure to check our trusted CBD brands

Note: Dosage is determined by the type and concentration of CBD that you put in your gummies. For info on how to dose your gummies, see the section after the recipes. 

you can make cbd gummies at home

CBD Gummy Recipe: Natural Real-Fruit CBD Gummies

We love this recipe because it only requires four ingredients, and one of them is real fruit purée. Using juice might be a little easier, but this recipe is the tastiest we’ve tried. It makes about 50 gummies.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 saucepan
  • 1 whisk
  • 1 pipette (or spoon)
  • Gummy molds for ~50 gummies
  • 1.5 cups of puréed fruit of choice
  • 1.5 cups of water or fruit juice
  • ½ cup of gelatin (unflavored)
  • 1-5 ml of CBD oil 

Preparation instructions:

  1. Add the water or juice to a saucepan (do not heat)
  2. Sprinkle the gelatin over the juice or water (do not stir), and let it sit for 2 minutes
  3. At this point, the mixture will have thickened. Put the saucepan on low heat until it liquifies again
  4. When the mixture reaches about 165˚F, remove the saucepan from heat 
  5. Add the fruit purée to the saucepan and whisk until thoroughly mixed
  6. Add the CBD oil to the mixture and continue whisking until all the ingredients are mixed
  7. Use the pipette or spoon to put the mixture into the gummy molds
  8. Put the molds into the refrigerator for 30 minutes
  9. Remove the gummies from the molds and store in an airtight container

CBD Gummy Recipe: Fruit and Honey CBD Isolate Gummies

For those who like a little more complexity in their gummies, this honey-fruit blend will add floral notes and a boost of gooey sweetness to your batch. This recipe is made with CBD isolate powder, but you can substitute it with CBD oil if you want (if you sub CBD oil, you won’t need to use MCT oil). It makes about 30 gummies. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 saucepan
  • 1 glass mixing bowl
  • 1 whisk
  • Gummy molds for ~30 gummies
  • 1.5 cups of fruit juice
  • ½ cup of gelatin (unflavored)
  • 1 tsp of honey
  • 1-2 tsp of MCT oil (about 1 tsp per gram of CBD isolate)
  • CBD isolate powder 

Preparation instructions:

  1. Put the gelatin in the mixing bowl
  2. Put the fruit juice and honey into the saucepan and heat on medium. When it begins to simmer, remove from heat
  3. Add the contents of the saucepan and the MCT oil to the mixing bowl and whisk until thoroughly combined
  4. Let the mixture cool for 5 minutes
  5. Add the CBD isolate and whisk again until well mixed
  6. Put the mixture in the gummy molds and refrigerate for 30 minutes or until firm
  7. Remove the gummies and store them in an airtight container

How to Determine the Dosage of Homemade CBD Gummies

To determine the amount of CBD that will be in each of your homemade gummies, you need to divide the number of milligrams of CBD you use by the number of gummies the recipe will produce. 

cbd amount into your cbd gummies

For example, if you’re making 50 gummies and you use 1000 mg of CBD, then the equation looks like this:

1000\50 = 20 

So, each gummy will contain about 20 mg of CBD. 

If you’re using CBD oil, you may need to determine how many milligrams of CBD are in each milliliter of your bottle. To do this, you need to divide the total number of milligrams of CBD in the bottle by the number of milliliters of liquid. 

If this is too complicated, you can just use CBD isolate powder. CBD isolate is pure CBD, so 1 gram of powder equals ~1000 mg of CBD. Half a gram equals ~500 mg of CBD, and so on. 

Start Making CBD Gummies Today 

Whether you’re a cannabis chef or a newbie in the kitchen, making your own CBD gummies is a fun and easy way to get your daily dose of CBD. It doesn’t take long, and it can save you a lot of cash. Plus, gummies always taste better when you make them yourself.

If you’re new to CBD gummies and want to know what all the fuss is about, check out our top-rated CBD gummies of 2020 and give one a try. Don’t forget to use one of The CBD Insider’s exclusive coupons to get big discounts off your order.


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