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CBD News Roundup: “CBD Analogue” Found More Effective for Pain

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Here’s the latest CBD news:

  • A new study shows improved efficacy of a CBD-like molecule, KLS-13019, over CBD for peripheral neuropathy symptoms and drug-seeking behavior.
  • The Better Business Bureau is calling attention to the sharp rise in free-trial scams across the CBD industry.
  • CBD brand Medterra and cannabis investment firm Acreage Holdings will work together on a new CBD  product line.

“CBD Analogue” Found More Effective for Pain

The results of a study recently published in the British Journal of Pharmacology show that KLS-13019, a structural analog of CBD, may be significantly more effective than CBD for “mechanical sensitivity,” pain, and desire to self-administer morphine.

KLS-13019 is very similar to the CBD molecule in its structure (hence, structural analog), but it has been modified by bio-pharmaceutical company Kannalife, who originally derived the compound, to ideally outperform CBD in absorption capability, overall potency, and other dimensions. 

In the study, researchers tested both KLS-13019 and CBD on mice with chemo-drug-induced mechanical sensitivity, also assessing the other two issues mentioned: pain-relieving capability and effect(s) on morphine self-administration tendencies.

Here are the key takeaways from the results, as reported by the study authors:

  • Both CBD and KLS-13019 “prevented the development of mechanical sensitivity associated with paclitaxel (the chemo drug) administration.” 
  • However, KLS-13019 was able to reverse mechanical sensitivity after it was established, where CBD was not.
  • KLS-13019 also “attenuated the reinforcing effects” of morphine or palatable food (while CBD did not), implying its potential use for recovering drug addicts.
  • Importantly, KLS-13019 was proven by the researchers to exert these effects without interacting with the three kinds of opioid receptors they monitored (μ, δ, and κ).

It’s unclear at this point whether cannabinoid-based analogs like KLS-13019 would be regulated and/or legalized by the FDA, should the agency deliver on promises to regulate CBD.

CBD Free-Trial Scams On the Rise, Warns BBB

Already rife with fake celebrity endorsement scams, the CBD and cannabis industries have lately had to contend with a sharp uptick in free-trial scams, an issue prevalent enough to earn the attention of the Better Business Bureau (BBB). 

In this article on BBB.org, the bureau explains that their scam tracker has registered a rising number of reports from customers “who thought they signed up for a free trial offer but ended up getting billed for hundreds of dollars.”

Generally, this is how these scams work:

  • A customer is lured by an online advertisement into a “pay shipping only” or “free trial” deal promising high-quality CBD products.
  • In order to pay shipping and/or sign up for the trial, the customer is asked to provide their credit card information.
  • The seller will then lock the unwitting customer into an expensive monthly subscription plan that is very difficult to cancel.
  • In many cases, charges continue even after the customer manages to cancel the subscription.

The safest course of action is, of course, to avoid free CBD trials altogether, but if you really want to check out a product, the BBB recommends researching the company thoroughly, closely reading the terms of the offer, and quickly reporting fraudulent charges on your credit card to your bank. 

Trusted CBD Brand Medterra and Acreage Holdings to Collaborate on New CBD Products

A joint venture between leading CBD brand Medterra and Canada-based cannabis investment firm Acreage Holdings will involve a new product rollout from Five CBD, a Medterra subsidiary.

The CBD products to be developed under this deal will be labeled with Acreage’s brand name: The Botanist. 

Medterra will handle fulfillment using their e-commerce platform, while Five will list, advertise, and sell these products as per usual. 

As explained by Medterra co-founder J.P. Larsen in the company’s announcement of the joint venture, “Incorporating Acreage’s The Botanist brand under Five Farms will allow us to innovate for their target demographic and rapidly expand the brand’s national footprint – it’s an evolution for both industries and the future of CBD and cannabis companies.” 

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