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Hemp Advocates and Brands Unite to Support Veterans

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Written by Tim Kalantjakos

Hemp Advocates and Brands Unite to Support Veterans

Emboldened into action by the many military service members who still lack access to the treatments they need this Veterans Day, the U.S. Hemp Roundtable is unambiguously calling on Congress and the FDA once again to regulate CBD.

“There are countless sources and testimonies sharing how hemp-derived CBD products have helped aid active duty and retired military members,” says an article published by the Roundtable today, which went on to describe how the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) is restricted to only prescribing FDA-approved hemp medications.

Until the official regulatory pathway is opened, veterans affected by PTSD, traumatic injuries, and other issues incurred during or after their service have to rely on products that may or may not meet acceptable standards of safety and quality.

In addition to individual veterans seeking relief through CBD, the veteran-owned hemp business side of the issue continues to be negatively impacted by the lack of FDA regulation, as the VA is compelled to deny business certifications to veterans starting their own hemp product shops.

In partnership with regulateCBDnow.com, the U.S. Hemp Roundtable has made it possible for people on the individual level to urge Congress in the direction of pro-hemp legislation that will establish an official regulatory pathway for the wellness-affirming compound.

Speaking of pro-hemp partnerships seeking to serve military veteran communities, a veteran suicide prevention organization and a veteran-focused hemp brand have entered a partnership to strengthen the push for regulation.

Spartan Sword and Warfighter Team Up

Founded by a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the Marine Corps, Spartan Sword is an organization that prevents veteran suicide by having service members take pledges with their battle buddies to support each other and avoid engaging in self-harm.

Warfighter Hemp, also founded by retired USMC Lieutenant Colonel Steve Danyluk, is a hemp-derived CBD manufacturer operating out of Colorado staffed in part by veterans and focused on products that provide alternatives to prescription painkillers.

Today, Spartan Sword and Warfighter Hemp have officially announced an “Exclusive multi-year strategic partnership that elevates CBD visibility to veterans,” per the press release, which will make Warfighter Hemp the “Official CBD of Veterans.”

This makes Spartan Sword the first veteran non-profit organization to enter a sponsorship deal with a CBD manufacturer, and the two organizations intend to use their combined influence to reach as many veterans as they can.