Survey: 51% of Seniors Say CBD Improves Quality of Life

In a recent survey conducted by Remedy Review, a CBD review site intending “to advance the wellbeing of people,” 51% of seniors reported improvement in their quality of life after using cannabidiol (CBD). The most common benefits seniors experienced while using CBD included reduced pain, improved sleep quality, stress relief, and a more positive mood. Nearly 90% of the seniors who used CBD said they would recommend the compound to family members and friends.

Survey Shows CBD Improves Quality of Life in Seniors

A recent survey by Remedy Review reported that 51% of seniors saw improvement in their quality of life after using CBD.

Remedy Review is a site that reviews CBD products from multiple brands and intends “to advance the wellbeing of people.”

Over 1,000 seniors—senior was defined as age 54 and up—participated in the survey; however, only around 90-100 seniors seemed to have taken CBD.

The survey primarily focused on why seniors used CBD, how they administered it, and what benefits they saw.

The most intriguing figures in the survey were the reports on the seniors’ perception of their quality of life.

Before CBD, 26.7% of seniors rated their quality of life as poor, 42.2% said fair, and 31.1% said good.

After using CBD, these percentages changed drastically: 5.6% said poor, 28.9% said fair, and 65.6% said good.

Benefits and Administration

The most common reasons seniors used CBD were for inflammation (42%), chronic pain (40.9%), poor sleep (38.6%), arthritis (31.8%), and anxiety (28.4%).

These purposes lined up neatly with the top benefits seniors experienced, such as reduced pain (61.1%), improved sleep quality (45.6%), reduced anxiety (30%), and a more positive mood (23.3%).

For administration methods, seniors preferred taking drops by mouth (54.4%). Other ways included drops in beverages (21.1%), CBD edibles (21.1%), capsules (15.6%), and vaping or smoking (10%).

Only 1/4 of seniors reported side effects. The three most common were dry mouth (12.4%), change in appetite (6.7%), and fatigue (5.6%).

CBD vs. Prescriptions

Remedy also had seniors compare prescription medicine with CBD.

The survey found seniors believe prescriptions are marginally more effective than CBD; however, 1 in 4 seniors think they take too much prescription medicine daily, and 58% believe there is a substance abuse problem in their community.

With the negative connotations surrounding medication, it makes sense that 53% of seniors who have not tried CBD said they would try the cannabinoid instead of prescription medications.

While Remedy noted this was not a scientific study, nor were the results confirmed by experts, the survey provides further evidence of CBD’s great potential efficacy.

The results of the Remedy Review survey also have support from several studies about CBD’s benefits for typically age-related diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, and epilepsy.

As scientists conduct more clinical research, it should become more clear how CBD can help everyone, and especially those in the senior population.

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