CBD News Roundup: Fourth of July Fireworks Increase Demand For CBD Pet Products

cbd pet product sales rise for fourth of july

Here’s the latest CBD news:

  • Owners are snatching up CBD to help calm their pets in preparation for the loud explosions and lights of Fourth of July fireworks.
  • An amendment to the defense spending bill in support of CBD and marijuana research, among other provisions, has been proposed by a bipartisan trio of senators.

Table of Contents

  1. CBD Sales Soar As Owners Preemptively Seek Relief For Their Pets As Fourth of July Fireworks Near
  2. Marijuana And CBD Research Amendment To Defense Spending Bill Filed By Senate

CBD Sales Soar As Owners Preemptively Seek Relief For Their Pets As Fourth of July Fireworks Near

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, CBD pet sales have been on the rise in anticipation of the Fourth of July weekend.

Owners are worried about their frightful pets when the traditional fireworks light up the sky. The frequent explosions can cause anxiety in dogs and cats, and owners are seeking CBD for potential relief.  

One pet store, Ruff Haus Pets, tripled orders for CBD pet products to meet demand. 

“Dogs are really reacting to fireworks, so [owners are] buying [CBD products] up,” store employee Castor Santee said to Chicago Sun-Times. “We try to keep it in stock as much as possible.”

Sales nearly doubled at Urban Pooch Canine Life Center in Ravenswood, according to operations manager Dylan Feulner.

“We’ve had people coming in this week who have never used CBD products before,” he said. “We’re seeing more customers trying to stay away from prescriptions, looking for something more natural.”

The doctors Chicago Sun-Times spoke to disagree on the use of CBD for dogs, but Dr. David Gonsky, medical director and founder of West Loop Veterinary Care in Chicago, says although the results haven’t been confirmed by science, pet owners have reported that CBD helps to reduce their pets’ stress levels. 

“The good news is that well-manufactured CBD by reliable companies is unlikely to cause any harm,” said Dr. Gonsky.

Since not all pets respond well to CBD products, owners are urged to seek out reputable brands.

Marijuana And CBD Research Amendment To Defense Spending Bill Filed By Senate

Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Chuck Grassley (R-IA), and Brian Schatz (D-HI) introduced an amendment titled “Cannabidiol and Marihuana Research Expansion Act” to be included in the annual renewal of the National Defense Authorization Act.

The amendment aims to promote studies into cannabis and its derivatives, including CBD. It would also allow doctors to discuss marijuana with patients and encourage the development of FDA-approved cannabinoid and marijuana drugs (the latter of which would require DEA approval as well). Lastly, it would make it easier to become a federally-authorized marijuana manufacturer for research or becoming registered to conduct cannabis studies. 

Under the bill, the attorney general has a 60-day deadline to approve applications or request additional information from applicants. It would also provide a quicker pathway for researchers to receive larger quantities of Schedule I drugs under approved investigations.

Currently, there is only one cannabis facility that provides material for studies, the quality of which is under question. It’s unclear how the proposed amendment will fare as there are more than 400 amendments filed to the defense spending bill.

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