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CBD News Roundup: Some CBD Consumers Using More During Pandemic, Study Says

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Written by The CBD Insider

Here’s the latest CBD news:

  • A recently-published study has found that some CBD users are using more CBD for stress relief and wellness during the pandemic. 
  • A Senate Appropriations Committee has released a slew of bills and reports on items related to the hemp industry for fiscal year 2021.

Some CBD Consumers Using More During Pandemic, Study Stays

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has people stressed, but a recent study aims to answer “how much?” as well as how many people are turning to CBD to find some relief. 

In June, Chicago-based research firm Aclara Research conducted a study in which 20 percent of a 3,000-consumer panel said they were using more CBD products because of stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic. 

The cannabis and CBD consumers were from states that have legalized cannabis. Eighty-eight percent of participants said they used CBD a few times per week or more. On average, the panel spends $900 per year on CBD products.

The top reasons for using CBD were similar to findings from The CBD Insider 2019 US CBD Consumer Report

  • Pain relief (58%)
  • Anxiety (58%)
  • Relaxation (48%)
  • Sleep (37%)
  • General Wellness (30%)

The research also found that 68 percent of respondents were feeling more stress during the pandemic than previously. Forty-two percent of participants said they were buying more immunity-boosting foods and supplements. The report also provided insights on:

  • CBD consumer demographics
  • CBD user product preferences, broken down by region
  • Overall scope of the CBD retail market
  • Future projections

Aclara Research is a research firm that specializes in cannabis and CBD consumers. Aclara and Nielsen Global Connect partnered to provide these data.

Senate Appropriations Committee Releases Hemp & Marijuana Bills and Reports For 2021 Fiscal Year 

The Senate Appropriations Committee has released a variety of spending bills and reports pertaining to the hemp and marijuana industry for the 2021 fiscal year. Among them are provisions that push back against the US Department of Agriculture’s proposed hemp rules. 

One such rule is to set a THC negligence threshold of up to 0.5 percent. According to the rule, if farmers exceed the limit, they must destroy their crop. The Appropriations Committee argues this is an “arbitrary” policy and that federal agencies should “propose amendments” for hemp THC limits. 

The Senate Committee also requested that the agency “ensure that any final rule is based on science and will ensure a fair and reasonable regulatory framework” as the new interim final rule presents significant roadblocks to hemp farmers who cannot meet the “unrealistic” timeframe.  

The House provisions would also oversee the US hemp and CBD industries. There are also many cannabis provisions included in the bills and reports. 

In September, just a month before it was set to expire, the pilot program from 2014 that regulates the hemp crop was extended an additional year thanks to a continuing resolution signed by President Donald Trump.

“It is clear that YOUR lobbying has been effective, and we are very optimistic that this will make a difference as USDA moves to a Final Rule,” said the U.S. Hemp Roundtable in an email to supporters after the Senate Appropriations Committee’s report.

Other suggestions from the Senate Appropriations Committee pertaining to the hemp-derived CBD industry include:

  • Utilizing current Agricultural Research Service research to revise hemp sampling and testing protocols.
  • Conduct studies on hemp cultivation to recommend best practices and standards for sustainability.
  • Improved communication with stakeholders on eligibility in hemp pilot programs
  • To establish and maintain a hemp germplasm for plant breeding purposes.
  • Requested $2 million to support research and development for improving hemp production systems in recognition of the emerging market potential for hemp-based products in the US.
  • Rejects the proposal to implement new licensing fees. 
  • $5 million for the FDA to develop policy on CBD products.
  • Improved availability of DEA testing kits at the local level.

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  • Avatar for Dan White Dan White says:

    During these trying times, many people became anxious and stressed out. Our normal lives had been altered in just a snap of the fingers, and no one is ready for those changes. I believe this is the reason why most people opt to try new and different things, may it be a new product to use or a new hobby to be busy with. This might also be the reason why many people have come to know CBD at present times.

    – Dan White

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