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CBD News Roundup: New Study Finds CBD Kills Human and Dog Brain Cancer Cells

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Here’s the latest CBD news:

  • A new study has found that CBD can induce the deaths of brain cancer cells in both humans and dogs by affecting the mitochondria.
  • The Federal Trade Commission has filed a complaint against a California-based CBD maker for claiming that its products can kill cancer cells.

CBD News Stories

  1. Study: CBD Kills Brain Cancer Cells by Targeting Mitochondria
  2. FTC Files Complaint Against CBD Company for Claiming Its Products Can Kill Cancer

Study: CBD Kills Brain Cancer Cells by Targeting Mitochondria

Researchers at Colorado State University and UC Davis have found that CBD can induce the death of cancer cells in both human and dog brain cancers.

The researchers used CBD isolate and a full-spectrum hemp extract—containing minor cannabinoids and THC—on glioblastoma, a deadly and difficult-to-treat cancer.

“Further research and treatment options are urgently needed for patients afflicted by brain cancer,” said Chase Gross, a student in the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine/Master of Science program at Colorado State University, in a statement. “Our work shows that CBD has the potential to provide an effective, synergistic glioblastoma therapy option and that it should continue to be vigorously studied.”

Researchers also paired CBD with the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine, the same medication that received emergency use authorization from the FDA for COVID-19.

They found that adding hydroxychloroquine made canine cancer cells increased sensitivity to CBD.

“Our experiments showed that CBD slows cancer cell growth and is toxic to both canine and human glioblastoma cell lines,” said Gross. “Importantly, the differences in anti-cancer affects [sic] between CBD isolate and extract appear to be negligible.”

According to the researchers, the primary mechanism CBD uses to induce the natural death of cancer cells (known as “apoptosis”) is through the mitochondria, a part of a cell that regulates the cell’s metabolism and produce energy in the form of ATP (adenosine triphosphate).

Specifically, researchers believe CBD disrupts the mitochondrial function, leading to apoptosis.

“CBD has been zealously studied in cells for its anticancer properties over the last decade,” said Mr. Gross. “Our study helps complete the in vitro puzzle, allowing us to move forward in studying CBD’s effects on glioblastoma in a clinical setting using live animal models. This could lead to new treatments that would help both people and dogs that have this very serious cancer.”

FTC Files Complaint Against CBD Company for Claiming Its Products Can Kill Cancer

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has filed a complaint against a CBD company called Whole Leaf Organics and owner Marc Ching for claiming its CBD products can kill cancer.

FTC also said that Whole Leaf Organics claimed some of its other products could prevent or treat COVID-19.

“There’s no proof that any product will prevent or treat COVID-19 or that any CBD product will treat cancer,” said Bureau of Consumer Protection Director Andrew Smith in a statement. “Let’s be clear: companies making these claims can look forward to an FTC lawsuit like this one.”

Ching responded to the complaint by agreeing to a preliminary order that would prevent him from claiming his products can treat, prevent, or reduce the risk of COVID-19 and cancer.

According to the FTC, here is how Whole Leaf Organics has marketed its CBD products:

  • “The most effective innovation in cancer and immune related proactive supplement support in the past ten years. CBD-EX combines the best in cancer fighting elements, into one simple capsule.”
  • “Containing clinically tested ingredients, CBD-EX is a dynamic force in anti inflammation protocols, targeting manipulated cells while working to protect healthy ones. Formulated containing Coriolus Versicolor Mushroom, CBD-EX seeks to inhibit the spread of mutated malignant cells, directly attacking the problem.”
  • “Our CBD-EX formulation is specifically created to combat cancer and de-manipulate active cells. Infused with Curcumin, our CBD-EX formulation reduces cell inflammation, while at the same time targeting mutated nuclei.”

“Ching does not have the scientific evidence to back up the cancer-treatment claims, and therefore the advertisements are false or deceptive,” says the FTC in its complaint.

Whole Leaf Organics had received an FDA warning letter regarding several of the same claims about its CBD products in November 2019.

A hearing for the case will begin January 7, 2021, marking the first time a federal agency has taken legal action against a CBD company.

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