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CBD News Roundup: Temple University Testing Synthetic CBD-Based Drug for Chemo-Related Pain

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Here’s the latest CBD News:

  • Temple University researchers are testing their synthetic CBD compound (KLS-13019) for chemotherapy-related pain.
  • Biotech developer Enveric Biosciences has been approved to test a CBD product for glioma, a form of brain cancer.
  • The first smart CBD vending machine with age verification and touchless payment hits the market.

Taking aim at the replacement of pharmaceutical-grade painkillers, Temple University in Philadelphia is partnering with Neuropathix, a pharmaceutical firm also based in Pennsylvania, to develop and test a synthetic CBD-based drug intended for chemotherapy-related pain.

The aim of this human clinical trial, which is still in the pre-launch phase, is to enhance both the absorption capability and pain-fighting potency of CBD with this synthetic molecule labeled KLS-13019.

In addition to pain, the researchers are targeting a type of nerve problem common in chemotherapy patients characterized by painful tingling sensations that can cause injury (especially falls) and early cessation of chemotherapy treatment.

In April of this year, Temple University researchers proved that KLS-13019 could reduce “paclitaxel-induced mechanical sensitivity” in mice (paclitaxel is a chemotherapy drug), providing a firm basis for the current study.

We’ll make sure to provide updates as trial results come in.  

Enveric Biosciences Approved to Test CBD Product for Brain Cancer

Another cancer-focused CBD research initiative, this time undertaken by Florida-based biotech developer Enveric Biosciences, has received approval from regulatory authorities.

As announced this Thursday, Israel’s Ministry of Health has approved the first phase of a two-part trial testing the efficacy of a CBD-based product on glioblastoma, an aggressive form of cancer that attacks the brain.

This first phase of the study seeks to establish the highest tolerable dose of the product, a mixture of CBD and the drug temozolomide, after which researchers will add another drug (clomiphene) to “rule out toxicity.”

After the maximum safe levels are determined for all three substances involved, the next phase of the study aims to determine the effectiveness of this treatment.

Cultiva Wellness Launches CBD Smart Vending Machine

CBD-based mobile app developer Cultiva Wellness announced this Wednesday that they will add a CBD vending machine to their consumer-focused offerings.

Equipped with accurate age verification capabilities (using blockchain technology), the Wellness Pantry is designed to play off the functionality of the company’s flagship product—the Cultiva App—which brings CBD customers and brands together.

The smart vending machine will also feature remote access and touch-free payment processing.

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