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New Study Suggests Anti-COVID Potential of CBD

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Written by The CBD Insider

A newly published study authored by University of Chicago microbiology and cancer experts has illuminated several anti-COVID actions of CBD.

Using data from the National COVID Cohort Collaborative, the authors of the study found that a population of 1,212 patients with a “history of seizure-related conditions” who were taking 100mg/ml CBD had a significantly lower COVID infection rate (6.9%) than a control group consisting of patients with similar histories but no CBD use (8.9%). 

On a cellular level, the mechanism proposed by the researchers to explain this discrepancy involves the suspected CBD-supported activation of an enzyme (RNase) that breaks down ribonucleic acid (RNA), or as well as interferons, which are pro-inflammatory compounds the body uses to respond to viruses.

The RNase component is especially prudent considering COVID-19 is an RNA virus, which means it embeds itself into RNA (single-stranded molecule that encodes proteins from genetic information), blending into the existing RNA created by our own DNA.

It gets even more technical, but the point is that cannabidiol’s demonstrated ability to aid the body in the breakdown of RNA has apparently proven harmful to the spread of the coronavirus throughout human cells.

The study designers went on to theorize that “CBD could be acting by blocking viral entry to host cells,” hinting at the need for more research to more accurately pinpoint the specific antiviral mechanisms CBD uses to deter COVID-19. 

The authors noted that this effect of CBD on the spread of the virus can also take hold in the “later stages” after infection.

We’ll continue to report on this vein of research as more studies are published.

To learn more about the CBD and COVID-19, feel free to consult this contemporary finding we recently reported on. 

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