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Spotlight on Essentia Pura, Europe’s Premier CBD Wholesaler

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Written by The CBD Insider

Founded in 2019, Essentia Pura is a wholesale CBD manufacturing and supply company based out of Europe.

Though they also work in medicinal herbs and spices, which are extracted from their native plants using the same process as Essentia Pura’s CBD products (supercritical CO2 – more on that below), the company largely specializes in a variety of cannabidiol products.

Essentia Pura is a B2B company, meaning they typically offer their suite of CBD-based products in bulk quantities to other businesses.

As a generous investor (up to 3.5 million Euros) in CBD and THC safety and toxicology studies⁠—which the brand hopes will culminate in the approval of hemp extracts by the European Commission⁠—Essentia Pura is among the leading CBD manufacturers in Europe pushing for food ingredient approval. 

What Essentia Pura Does

Specifically, Essentia Pura uses what we often refer to as the “gold standard” of CBD extraction methods to create their full-spectrum extracts: supercritical CO2 extraction.

Safe and Effective CBD Extraction

This process allows the manufacturer to quickly and efficiently remove cannabidiol and neighboring cannabinoids/terpenes from the hemp plant while leaving behind negligibly small amounts of harmless solvent.

In the case of Essentia Pura, who specializes in CO2 extraction, clients can even request changes and/or additional steps to the extraction process to fit their brands’ needs. 

The research and development department also offers high-quality analytics, whether you’re preparing an already developed product for market entry or starting from scratch.

B2B Wholesale

Since they also grow, harvest, and extract their own hemp in Italy (growing operation) and Slovenia (extraction facility), Essentia Pura offers customers a range of fully developed wholesale CBD products as well as ingredients, including:

  • Full-spectrum CBD oil
  • Full-spectrum CBD paste
  • Broad-spectrum CBD softgels
  • CBD cosmetic products
  • Wholesale CBD isolate
  • Wholesale CBG (cannabigerol) isolate powder
  • Wholesale water-soluble CBD distillate/isolate

Private Label Partnerships

Finally, Essentia Pura also works with private labelers big and small, meaning they can provide sub-wholesale amounts of EU-certified, CO2-extracted hemp to sellers looking to slap their own brand on a trustworthy product.

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