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East and West Coasts Move on Hemp Bills Addressing Delta-8 and More

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Written by The CBD Insider

This week, a widespread smattering of hemp legislation proposals in six states takes aim at several hot-button issues centered around hemp, including delta-8 THC regulation and CBD discussions in the veterinary setting among other topics.

As reported by the US Hemp Roundtable, HB 1078 and SB 788 in Maryland would classify “any other naturally produced cannabinol (CBN) derivative” as a medical cannabis product, effectively barring products containing this and other non-intoxicating compounds from retail sale throughout the state.

However, the US Hemp Roundtable was able to convince the creators and supporters of the bills to revisit this language in hopes of a clearer and more accommodating resolution.

Heading northeast, HB 146 in Massachusetts lingers in the house as a similar bill skates through to the state Senate.

HB 146 would clear up much of the uncertainty concerning the retail sale of hemp in Massachusetts, qualifying its legal status with a clear set of standards, which is why pro-hemp advocates throughout the state (and watchers around the country) are eager to push it through.

Jumping species in Utah is SB 209, a bill that would allow veterinarians to openly discuss the use of hemp and CBD products with pet owners looking to use said products for their pets’ medical concerns.

Several other states have already considered and/or passed similar legislation, including Michigan in 2020, and considering the many pet CBD success stories we’ve heard as close observers of the industry, we fully support the move towards more open discourse in this arena.

AB 1885 in California takes a very similar approach, providing veterinarians the legal right to recommend cannabis products for “therapeutic effects or diet supplementation purposes,” per the US Hemp Roundtable. 

Now for the obligatory delta-8 THC drama update: Washington and West Virginia are chiming in on the issue with two targeted pieces of legislation.

SB 5981 in Washington would restrict products containing delta-8 THC and other intoxicating cannabinoids to the adult-use-only category, requiring a marijuana license for anyone selling ingestible cannabis products exceeding the 2018 Farm Bill “industrial hemp” threshold (0.3% THC by dry weight). 

Ominous portent ignored, SB 666 in West Virginia throws delta-8 THC into Schedule I classification alongside THC, with no language exempting lower concentrations and/or hemp products. 

We will continue to provide updates as these and any other states move forward with hemp legislation. 

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