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Hemp Legislation Update: Hard-Fought Victories and Ongoing Battles In 4 States

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Written by The CBD Insider

On the state hemp legislation level, the U.S. Hemp Roundtable continues to report on victories, defeats, and compromises in seemingly equal measure, most recently involving four states: Colorado, Minnesota, Virginia, and Louisiana.


To crack down on sellers marketing intoxicating compounds as hemp in the state, SB 22-205 in Colorado gave the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment the power to regulate against this practice, including almost $600,000 in funding.

Signed last week by Governor Jared Polis, the bill also authorized a “task force of hemp and marijuana industry representatives and government officials to intentionally study the topic of intoxicating compounds and propose legislative and rule recommendations.”

Alongside these almost unanimously agreed upon provisions, however, were initially included some more restrictive provisions including a 20mg/bottle THC limit, no protection for non-intoxicating CBD products, and more, all of which the Roundtable is proud to report have been compromised on thanks to steady advocacy.


A particularly restrictive bill in Minnesota—HF 3595—was absorbed into HF 4065, a bill that focuses on long-term care consultation services, but not without a number of semi-redeeming compromises to the language.

The amended language enables cannabinoid-containing products complying with the federal THC limit (0.3% by dry weight) to be sold, and THC limits were increased to 5mg/serving and 50mg/package.

Still, the Roundtable promises to “mobilize next year” if HF 4065 is passed, particularly focusing on fair enforcement of the 21-or-older age restriction (such that non-intoxicating hemp products are indeed exempted).


More than a year after effectively striking down a 21-and-older restriction on hemp products in Virginia, the U.S. Hemp Roundtable announced that a successor has risen from the ashes in the form of HB 30, a bill that would enforce this age limit regardless of THC amount. 

As they position themselves to apply pressure, the Roundtable makes it clear that the age restriction is the central issue.


Finally, HB 758 in Louisiana is still being nudged in a new direction by hemp industry supporters for its ban on the use of hemp products in food and beverages as well as multiple potentially confusing age restrictions.

To support pro-consumer hemp legislation and hold states accountable for clearer and fairer provisions, we and the Roundtable encourage you to visit their State Action Center.

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