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New “CB2” Claimed to Outperform CBD

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Written by The CBD Insider

Canadian wellness brand Cannanda claims to have developed a CBD-like hemp extract —dubbed “CB2” —that they say ameliorates many of the major issues affecting CBD’s effectiveness, safety, and legal status.

In a press release covering the rise of CB2 oil, Cannanda co-founder Dr. Lee Know explains, “The benefit of CB2 oil is that it side-steps every problem that plagues CBD … like adverse drug interactions, unanswered questions regarding safety, undisclosed THC, and other quality issues.”

Dr. Know then went on to tout CB2’s success rate (as reported by users in survey data), which is allegedly double that of CBD, citing a 60-70% success rate for the former and a 33% success rate for the latter. 

So, what exactly is CB2 made of that allows it to mirror the effects of CBD while sidestepping these issues?

Terpenes. Present in many plants and fruits, terpenes are potentially bioactive compounds that strongly influence how the plant will smell.

In addition, terpenes like linalool and limonene can elicit calming and/or mood-stabilizing effects—see this beginner-friendly breakdown on terpenes if you’d like to dig into the supporting research.

However, as Cannanda’s terpene blend is proprietary, we are unable to give a clear assessment of effectiveness or speculate as to the targeting of the formulation (general use, energy, etc.). 

By relying exclusively on terpenes—as far as hemp-derived compounds are concerned—to create their CB2 oil, Cannanda is indeed able to sidestep some of the safety and regulatory hurdles that affect standard CBD.

Along with the public, we’d like to see more research confirming the effectiveness of this terpene blend to sharpen the comparison against CBD, but for now, we’ll keep an eye on Cannanda to see where they go with this.

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