Prominent Cannabis Delivery Company Enters the CBD Industry

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Eaze, a prominent San Francisco-based app that delivers cannabis products, has begun to sell hemp-derived CBD products. The company created a secondary site called Eaze Wellness, featuring 11 different types of CBD products by 21 brands. The company will be delivering to 41 states. The expansion is indicative of the growing CBD market, which is believed to eclipse $20 billion by 2022 and outpace the marijuana, THC industry.

Eaze Begins Selling Hemp-Derived CBD Products

The San Francisco-based app that specializes in cannabis deliveries, Eaze, has started shipping hemp-derived CBD products across the nation.

Eaze helps connect customers with marijuana dispensaries across the state of California. By employing drivers similarly to companies like Uber and Lyft, Eaze provides on-demand delivery to those residing in the Golden State’s major cities.

It is estimated the service has delivered around 3 million packages to consumers since its founding in 2014.

Although well-known for delivering THC-rich products, Eaze has seen purchases of their high-CBD items double in California since the start of 2018.

“THC has always been the one that everyone talks about,” said Sheena Shiravi, the communications chief at Eaze. “And now all of a sudden it’s CBD.”

Dubbed Eaze Wellness, the new CBD platform offers 93 products by 21 brands.

Eaze Wellness will deliver to 41 states across the nation. The states excluded are Idaho, Michigan, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Ohio, Washington, Oregon, and, ironically, California.

Recent legislation in California about regulating CBD has put the non-psychoactive cannabinoid in a precarious position, which seems to be why Eaze Wellness is not currently available there.

The Market for CBD Continues to Grow

Eaze’s new platform name is indicative of how CBD is quickly garnering a large following among the health and wellness crowd.

Research shows CBD may possess several health benefits, such as reducing inflammation, calming anxiety, and even alleviating severe, chronic pain.

CBD has become so popular that it has begun to be infused in items ranging from lip balms to bath bombs.

Considering its popularity coupled and Mitch McConnell recently “guaranteeing” that hemp legalization will be attached to the upcoming Farm Bill, it is no surprise that Eaze decided to cash in on the market for CBD.

Analysts from the Brightfield Group, a cannabis research firm, predict the CBD industry will grow to $22 billion by 2022.

To show how lofty of a prediction that is, CBD is on pace to generate $591 million this year.

“I’ve been doing market research for years and covered everything,” said Bethany Gomez, the director of research for the Brightfield Group, in an interview with Rolling Stone earlier this year. “This is definitely the craziest market I’ve ever covered.”

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