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Washington State THC Legislation Would Hamper CBD Products

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Written by The CBD Insider

In a bid to tighten THC and artificial cannabinoid regulations, Washington state is deliberating over two bills (SB 5547 and HB 1668) that could prove debilitating to CBD product sales throughout the state. 

A key provision in this legislation states that full-spectrum CBD products containing more than 0.5 mg of THC per serving or 2mg per package would be considered part of Washington’s marijuana market, effectively restricting these products to adults. 

Considering this threshold is well below the amount of THC it takes to feel any intoxicating effects for the vast majority of people, and taking into account the large swath of CBD brands now promoting high-THC products, opponents like the US Hemp Roundtable are calling for more reasonable terms. 

Like similar bills surfacing throughout the states, these also take aim at artificially produced cannabinoids, which means the use of cannabinol (CBN) and possibly some other popularly used cannabinoids may also affect the legal status of hemp products.

Delta-8 THC is also squarely targeted by this new legislation, though its adoption by larger CBD brands is falling off as its legal status is continually challenged. 

As a synthetically produced, intoxicating analog of delta-9 THC, delta-8 THC has spurred legal action from several states looking to crack down on synthetically produced cannabinoids.

For more information on these and other hemp regulation efforts and/or to help the US Hemp Roundtable in opposing this legislation, we invite you to visit their State Action Center.

We will continue to provide updates on CBD/hemp regulations as states move to take action on them. 

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