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CBDistillery Broad-Spectrum Capsules Review

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CBDistillery’s Broad-Spectrum Softgels surprised our team. While we tend to favor CBD tinctures over capsules, our team was pleasantly taken aback when we experienced noticeable benefits from these softgels. Filled with 30mg of CBD per softgel, CBDistillery packs a real punch in their softgels. With an affordable price to boot, these capsules make for a great daily supplement, especially for those who want to avoid THC.

CBDistillery Broad-Spectrum Softgels Review

We tried CBDistillery’s 30-count Broad-Spectrum Softgels, which contain 30mg of CBD per softgel.

CBDistillery also offers these broad-spectrum softgels in a bottle of 60 for $125 ($0.069/mg), as well as 30- and 60-count bottles of full-spectrum softgels.

Our team reviewed these CBD softgels based on their CBD concentration, price/value, ingredients, efficacy, and more.

CBDistillery Broad-Spectrum Softgels


30-count: 30mg/softgel (900mg total)

60-count: 30mg/softgel (1,800mg total)


30-count: $65 ($0.072/mg)

60-count: $125 ($0.069/mg)


Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT), Broad Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract (Aerial Parts), and Shell (Gelatin, Glycerin, Water)


CBDistillery uses natural farming practices and conducts five quality control tests during cultivation of the hemp plants used in their products.

After the plants are harvested, the hemp oil is extracted using CO2 for full-spectrum products or ethanol for broad-spectrum products.

Since these particular softgels are made with broad-spectrum, this particular hemp oil was extracted with ethanol, a safe method that tends to preserve minor cannabinoids and terpenes better than CO2.

Once the softgels are formulated, each batch is sent to a third-party laboratory for testing.

CBDistillery tests for cannabinoid potency, pesticides, terpenes, residual solvents, heavy metals, mycotoxins, pathogenic microbes, and foreign material.

Customers can scan the QR codes provided on product labels to access the third-party database of Balanced Health Botanicals, CBDistillery’s parent company.

Enter the batch number found on the bottle to see the COA for your specific product’s batch results.

CBDistillery has an ISO 9001 certification, operates according to current Good Manufacturing Practice standards, and is certified by the US Hemp Authority Certification Program.


CBDistillery’s broad-spectrum softgels are formulated with broad-spectrum hemp extract and contain 30mg of CBD per softgel.

The certificate of analysis for this batch showed the CBD content per softgel was actually at 36.8mg.

THC was not detected, but CBDistillery says the softgels may contain trace amounts of less than 0.05%.

At 30mg/softgel, these softgels have one of the highest concentrations among CBD capsule products.

We’re pleased to see CBDistillery is willing to put in a substantial amount of CBD in their products.


The 30-count Broad-Spectrum Softgels retail for $65, which clocks in at $0.072/mg.

These softgels are well-priced, which is no surprise considering that they come from CBDistillery, a brand known for its affordability.

For extra cost efficiency, we recommend the 60-count bottle of broad-spectrum softgels that sell for $125 ($0.069/mg).

For those who prefer full-spectrum CBD oil, the full-spectrum softgels run a little lower in price than their broad-spectrum counterparts—due to the fact CBDistillery does not have to take an extra step to filter out THC.

Regardless, both the full-spectrum and broad-spectrum softgels offer great value for the asking price.

Check out our latest CBDistillery coupon to save on these softgels.


The bottle is made from white, high-density polyethylene plastic and features a yellow label.

The label provides directions, supplement facts, a QR code for accessing the batch’s lab results, and an ingredients list.

Softgels come in a dark navy glass bottle with a white screw-top lid.


Here are the ingredients in CBDistillery’s Broad-Spectrum Softgels: Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT), Broad Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract (Aerial Parts), and Shell (Gelatin, Glycerin, Water).

These are simple and standard ingredients for softgel products.

Flavor & Texture

The softgels have no noticeable scent, taste, or aftertaste.

The exterior is unyielding and not squishy like softgels from other brands.


Our team was surprised at how noticeable the benefits were from these broad-spectrum softgels.

After using the softgels for a week, we noticed they promoted relaxation as well as a general sense of calm and well-being.

One of our team members took them while traveling and found himself to be noticeably less anxious amidst the stresses of travel.

In addition, we felt happier, less irritable, and were in a better mood after taking the softgels.

We did not notice benefits for discomfort, but that does not mean these softgels have no potential to help in that regard.

Pros & Cons

Pros for the 30mg CBD isolate softgels 30 count:

  • High concentration
  • Well-priced
  • Simple ingredients
  • Noticeable effectiveness

Cons for the 30mg CBD isolate softgels 30 count:

  • Broad-spectrum hemp extract may not be as effective for some people

Recommended Product

CBDistillery Broad-Spectrum Softgels

CBDistillery’s softgels were a bit hit among our team.

We were impressed by the noticeable effects, which included promoting relaxation, enhancing mood, and providing a sense of well-being.

Since they are also easy to take and offer plenty of CBD per serving, the softgels are an excellent method for taking daily doses of CBD, especially for those who are looking for a THC-free option.


These CBDistillery broad-spectrum softgels are one of our favorite CBD softgel/capsule products.

The substantial concentration of CBD inspires confidence that these softgels can provide real benefits and results, despite the fact they are formulated with broad-spectrum hemp extract.

When we also noticed real benefits for relaxation and general well-being, we quickly realized that CBDistillery had crafted a valuable and worthwhile product.

Plus, as we’ve come to expect, CBDistillery charges an affordable and cost-efficient price for these softgels (that’s even better with our CBDistillery coupon).

As a result, we’re more than happy to recommend CBDistillery’s Broad-Spectrum Softgels.

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