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Does CBD Gum Really Work?

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CBD gum is one of many new edible CBD products promising to deliver your cannabinoids in a fun and tasty package. By adding CBD to gum, manufacturers claim that chewers can get a fast-acting dose of CBD whenever they need it.

So, does CBD gum really work? And if so, how does it deliver CBD into your bloodstream? 

We took a look at the science behind CBD gum to bring you the answers. We also tested top CBD gum brands to find the ones that work. We’ll give you our top pick below. 

What is CBD Gum?

what is cbd gum

CBD gum is chewing gum infused with CBD. You can chew it and blow bubbles just like normal gum, but CBD is released into your body as you chew

CBD chewing gum can be made in many ways. These include making gum with CBD isolate powder or CBD-infused sugar, or adding CBD oil to a base gum mixture. There’s no evidence yet on which manufacturing method is most effective. 

CBD gum comes in a variety of flavors and strengths. You can also choose between CBD gum made with a natural or synthetic chewing gum base. 

Does CBD Gum Really Work?

Yes, CBD gum works. We looked at how the body absorbs CBD extract in gum and found that gum has a higher bioavailability than other CBD edibles. 

How does it work? 

When you chew CBD gum, CBD is released into your mouth and absorbed into your gums. The CBD absorbs directly into your bloodstream, bypassing the need for digestion. It works the same way as sublingual CBD tinctures. 

Some of the CBD is also swallowed with your saliva and eventually absorbed through your digestive tract (though some will be lost).  

CBD chewing gum isn’t just an effective way to take CBD. It’s also fast-acting because the CBD absorbs into the bloodstream immediately. When chewing CBD gum, you might feel the effects of CBD in minutes.  

What effects can you expect from CBD gum? Let’s take a look at what CBD gum can and can’t do.

What CBD Gum Can Do

What CBD Gum Can’t Do

  • It can’t get you high: CBD gum made with full-spectrum hemp extract contains only traces of THC, and gum made with CBD isolate contains 0% THC. 
  • It can’t provide long-lasting relief: Cannabinoids in CBD gum are absorbed quickly, but the effects only last 2-3 hours as compared to 5-6 hours from other CBD edibles.
what cbd gum may contain

The Best CBD Gum

We tested a number of top CBD gum brands to find the best gum in terms of effectiveness, flavor, mouthfeel, and price. At the end of our trials, PRoZE YIPEEZ CBD gum came out on top. 

PRoZE YIPEEZ Performance Gum

PRoZE Yipeez CBD Gum


8-pack: 10mg/piece (80mg total)


Click “Learn More” to check price


CBD Isolate, Gum Base, Maltitol, Sorbitol, Xylitol, Isomalt, Natural Flavors, Vegetarian Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, and Stevia

PRoZE’s CBD gum, branded YIPEEZ, gave us everything we wanted from a piece of gum and a decent dose of CBD as well. 

Touted as “performance gum,” YIPEEZ delivers relief from stress and discomfort while boosting focus. This may be why it’s the choice of many professional golfers and Olympic athletes

At 10 mg of CBD isolate per piece, you can get a mild dose of CBD from one piece or a moderate dose from two. We felt calm and focused after chewing for just a few minutes, and we never felt drowsy. 

One of the things we like about YIPEEZ is that it tastes and chews like ordinary gum. It has a classic peppermint flavor and a juicy sweetness. Other brands add too many ingredients and changes to the recipe, and the gum just doesn’t chew right. 

PRoZE CBD gum is a bit pricey at $15 for an eight-pack. But, we’re happy to pay a little extra for a CBD gum that really works. Plus, you can save up to 15% by getting an order subscription. Try a pack of PRoZE YIPEEZ today.  

Verdict: Does CBD Gum Really Work?

Yes, CBD gum really works. CBD gum releases CBD into the bloodstream via your gums, delivering fast relief at a high bioavailability. Chewing CBD gum may promote healthy teeth and gums, fresh breath, and quick relief from nausea and aches. At the right dose, it may also help with relaxation and panic control.

CBD gum produced correctly can be highly effective. But not all the products we tested worked. After our testing, we found PRoZE YIPEEZ Performance Gum to be the best CBD gum. However, it only comes in one flavor. If you choose a different brand, make sure to check the ingredients and the 3rd-party lab results before you buy. 

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