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19 Things About CBD to Look Forward to in 2019

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The 2018 Farm Bill capped off an exciting and successful year for cannabidiol (CBD). Now that CBD and hemp are federally legal, 2019 is poised to spark a market explosion, which has some reports predicting the hemp-derived CBD industry will grow to $22 billion by 2022. Besides incredible market growth, the upcoming year may hold many other fascinating developments, such as more research on CBD, increased societal acceptance of the cannabinoid, and a much needed regulatory framework for the industry.

19 Things About CBD to Look Forward to in 2019

The CBD industry is in an exciting place heading into 2019, with several potential developments in the works.

Here are 19 things you can look forward to potentially happening in 2019 with CBD:

1. More Research on CBD

With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill and the removal of CBD from the Controlled Substances Act, CBD will enjoy fewer restrictions in the realm of research.

Currently, most of the information on CBD is preclinical, which consists of primarily animal studies. While these studies can be useful for testing a substance’s safety, they are not considered as hard evidence for its effectiveness.

The only clinical research on CBD is for its effects on epilepsy, which led to the FDA approving the first CBD-based medication, Epidiolex, back in June of this year to treat rare, pediatric forms of epilepsy.

This coming year could potentially lead to more clinical research on CBD, ultimately helping researchers and consumers discern what conditions CBD is most useful for.

2. CBD-Based Medications

At present, Epidiolex is the only FDA-approved medication containing CBD.

Other medications do exist, such as Sativex—a medication made by GW Pharmaceuticals containing a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD for treating spasticity in multiple sclerosis—but they are rare and not FDA approved.

With more research, more CBD-based medications are likely to appear for treating specific conditions with consistent efficacy, perhaps within the next year.

3. Improved CBD Products

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As the body of research around CBD grows, companies will likely enhance their CBD products, tailoring them to be more effective for certain conditions like anxiety or sleep.

Regulation by the FDA for the CBD industry should also help companies create consistent, high-quality products.

4. Wider CBD Product Selection

As hemp production increases and bolsters CBD supply, you can bet the industry will continue to find new items to put CBD in.

CBD is already infused in countless products, to the point where it’s fair to question if some of them are gimmicks.

However, as trustworthy brands continue to grow, so will their product selection.

Several companies we’ve talked to are researching and developing new ways to use CBD for improving the health of you and your loved ones, such as with sleep-specific products and even CBD dog treats.

5. CBD Beverages

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CBD-infused drinks are becoming increasingly popular, especially in cafes and bars.

As a result, some beverage makers have announced partnerships with cannabis companies to create CBD-infused drinks.

Back in September, a report about Coca-Cola talking with Aurora Cannabis surfaced indicating the beverage giant might make a play in the CBD space.

While nothing has materialized so far, Coke’s interest provided legitimacy to the CBD market and caused other drink-making companies to give the market some attention.

With the legalization of hemp, it’s possible beverage makers could begin to make more serious moves in the CBD-infused beverage sphere this next year.

6. CBD-Infused Foods

Like with CBD beverages, infusing CBD into food is also trending.

Some CBD companies offer CBD edibles that allow you to enjoy your favorite foods, like peanut butter or honey, with a healthy touch.

CBD is most commonly put into baked goods and treats, such as muffins or chocolate.

7. More Readily Available Products

CBD products should become more readily available to consumers in 2019.

With hemp production expected to increase drastically, the supply of CBD products will likewise increase as existing companies expand their product selection and new companies come onto the scene.

However, it could take some time for hemp production and CBD products to meet demand.

Regardless, companies should have an improved supply, giving consumers more products to choose from.

8. CBD Products on the Shelves of Large Retailers

cbd products on the shelves of retailers quote

CBD products could soon find themselves on the shelves of some of the largest retailers in America.

Walmart and Target currently sell hemp-based products, but these do not contain CBD.

In September 2017, Target sold CBD products from CW Hemp—one of the most well-known and largest CBD brands in the industry—for one week before discontinuing the items because Target had its mind on the cannabinoid.

Now nearly a year and a half removed from that event, retailers will likely take another look at offering CBD products from the most reputable brands.

9. Distinction from Marijuana

Since CBD is found in both marijuana and hemp, it has taken time for people to understand that hemp and CBD are distinct from marijuana and THC, respectively.

However, now that hemp is becoming more commonplace in American agriculture and popular with consumers, people are beginning to separate hemp from the negative connotations of marijuana and getting stoned.

In 2019, CBD is poised to create a name for itself distinct from THC, and everything else.

10. Societal Acceptance

In 2018, CBD made great leaps toward legitimacy and social acceptability.

Mainstream companies entered the CBD-infused beverages and food sphere, the FDA approved the first CBD-based medication, prominent figures endorsed CBD, and the 2018 Farm Bill fully legalized hemp.

With so much momentum behind the substance, CBD will likely continue to gain societal acceptance with many more people.

11. FDA Regulation

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As with all nascent industries, some questionable enterprises are running around in the CBD circle.

This is mostly due to the lack of regulation for the industry, which has opened the door for untrustworthy companies to produce products with little to no CBD.

The FDA has sent warning letters to companies who have made claims about CBD’s ability to treat conditions and illnesses, forcing them to retract these claims or face harsh consequences.

While the pending FDA regulatory framework will not eliminate all dubious businesses from the CBD scene, it will help keep companies accountable.

12. GMP Certifications

Good Manufacturing Practice certifications indicate that a company operates at or above the regulatory requirements of the FDA for a given industry.

While some CBD companies have this certification, several others do not.

Some of the reputable CBD companies we have spoken with are planning to receive their certifications this coming year, which will help inspire trust in the safety and efficacy of their products.

13. More Company Transparency

more company transparency quote

With the impending regulations from the FDA, CBD companies will need to be more transparent in how they conduct their operations.

Increased transparency will help consumers discern which brands deserve their business and offer insights into the quality of a company’s offerings.

14. Insurance and Bank Access for CBD Companies

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, companies creating hemp-derived products will now enjoy access to insurance and banks.

This will likely lead to the formation of new CBD companies and the growth of existing ones.

Additionally, hemp farmers can now receive insurance for their hemp crops along with grants for research, just like other farmers.

15. More Investors and Capital

With the growing legitimacy and current market projections for hemp and CBD, companies in the industry can look forward to more investor interest.

This is great news for both startups and existing companies looking to grow.

16. Market Growth for CBD

market growth for cbd quote

Analysis of the hemp CBD industry indicates exponential growth is on its way.

A report by Brightfield Group estimates that by 2022 the market will grow nearly 40 times its current size, which is just under $600 million.

In 2019, due in part to full hemp legalization, Brightfield Group believes the CBD industry will surpass $5 billion.

The report shows the industry reaching $22 billion in 2022.

17. Rising CBD Stock Prices

If the predicted growth in market size is any indication, stock prices for hemp CBD companies are likely to rise.

For investors and companies alike, 2019 should be an exciting time for the CBD and hemp markets.

18. Lower Product Prices

A higher supply of hemp and the potential of increased competition could lower prices for CBD products in 2019.

Right now, costs are reasonable with most legitimate brands, but a drop in price could make CBD products affordable for several more people.

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19. FDA Approval of CBD

fda approval of cbd quote

While the 2018 Farm Bill was a major victory for the CBD industry, the FDA has not approved CBD for food and drink.

For this to change, the FDA will have to conduct a review and come to a conclusion on the cannabinoid.

Existing research on CBD indicates that it is safe for consumption and effective for many conditions.

While it may not happen this year, the research available and any other information the FDA gathers make us cautiously optimistic the agency will give its approval to CBD.

Disclaimer: The content on this site is for informational purposes only. We are not medical experts and nothing should be construed as medical advice. Be sure to speak with your physician before taking CBD or any other treatment.