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Charlotte’s Web and MLB Team Up In Landmark Partnership

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Written by The CBD Insider

Yet another high-profile connection between CBD industry frontrunners and professional sports organizations was forged this week as Major League Baseball announced a partnership with Charlotte’s Web.

The MLB has agreed to a “multi-year partnership” with the highly reputed CBD company, marking the first time in which one of the four largest pro sports organizations in the United States has officially entered into a sponsorship deal with a CBD company.

This landmark development didn’t come completely as a surprise to those in the know, however, as both MLB and the NFL have been relaxing restrictions on hemp-derived CBD in several ways, including the allowance of NSF-certified CBD advertisement deals and more.

MLB assured the public in a press release accompanying the partnership announcement that Charlotte’s Web underwent an intensive application process before being approved by the league. 

As to the details of the partnership, we’ll have to wait to learn more, but it appears that Daily Edge, the first NSF-certified (for sport) CBD tincture set to be launched by Charlotte’s Web soon, will bear the MLB logo on its bottle at release.

Though they’re moving at a carefully measured pace—as they should—major sports organizations in the US are undoubtedly embracing CBD as both a legal supplement for participating athletes and a commercial opportunity. 

Athletes are no longer alone in their endorsement of the hemp-based compound and its many beneficial properties, as league officials begin to take notice and respond to these encouragements.

As always, we’ll continue to monitor this development as it grows across the MLB and other major organizations, keeping you updated when more milestones are reached.


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