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National Basketball Players Association Backs Ex-NBA Player’s CBD Line

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Written by The CBD Insider

On Tuesday, the NBPA (National Basketball Players Association) officially announced its partnership with former NBA player Al Harrington, in which the NBPA will promote Harrington’s brand of “Re+Play” CBD products.

Though this is technically not a direct endorsement from the NBA, such round approval from an NBA-adjacent organization signals both organizations’ continued support of CBD products for athletes and non-athletes, a stance they haven’t wavered on since the 2018 Farm Bill doubled down on CBD’s (admittedly still confusing) legality. 

Adding greatly to the visibility and profitability of this newly forged alliance is the signing on of Walmart and Amazon, who will sell Re+Play CBD products as official partners in the deal.

“Re+Play’s partnership with the NBPA will provide consumers with a wealth of trusted, technology-driven products, to help them recover like a pro,” said Harrington in a press release.

The products themselves—which include CBD topicals, massage products, and kinesiology tape—are clearly intended for athletic populations, with an added emphasis on recovery. 

Harrington, who also owns a marijuana company (Viola Brands), has actively tapped Congress to lift the federal prohibition of marijuana, working with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) on a proposal.

On a broader scale, the embrace of CBD by athletic organizations continues to be reflective of the up-and-down (but slowly climbing) nature of other sectors approaching CBD in the USA, if not perhaps a bit more welcoming, given the utility of the product as a gentle recovery aid.

Both the MLB and NFL, for example, have shown a carefully measured interest in CBD products, requesting more information in the form of research and/or slowly entering into similar partnerships with CBD sellers and advertisers. 

We will continue to update you as this development and others in the world of CBD endorsements by athletic organizations unfold.

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