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CBD and Beauty Products

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If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve experienced some frustrations with your skin before.

Maybe it was the pimple you got right before picture day or the patchy, dry eczema you’ve had since grade school.

Perhaps you’ve tried lots of products to reduce these issues and are curious about some alternatives.

There has been an undeniable trend in avid beauty consumers, swapping out their tried and true products for their natural, toxin-free counterparts.

Amongst them, we find CBD-derived beauty products, making a name for themselves in the last few years.

Common Skin Conditions in the United States

The American Academy of Dermatology reports that up to 50 million Americans experience acne annually.

The same article cites that up to 16 million Americans suffer from Rosacea, a common skin condition causing redness, and 1 in 10 Americans will experience atopic dermatitis (a type of eczema) in their lifetime. 

skin related irritations and complications

Skin-related irritations and complications are usually caused by family history, hormonal changes, and even the everyday products we use.

If you are one of the many individuals who have experienced one or all of these conditions, you know there is a long list of goops and treatments being marketed to those in desperate search of resolution or relief.

Cosmetics and Skin Irritation

The beauty industry can do wonders for making us feel confident, glowing, and as the name insinuates, beautiful.

However, recent exploration and research suggest there are ingredients laced in these very products that can create new issues or exacerbate existing skin-related issues.  

The Telegraph reported that the average woman uses 16 beauty products daily!

Common irritants found in skincare cosmetics include:

  • Salicylic Acid: Commonly found in acne treatment, oily skin treatments, and topical retinoids, this substance helps unclog sebaceous oils from pores. However, if used excessively or inappropriately, it can cause severe dryness, burning, or redness. 
  • Fragrance: Many cosmetic products include synthetic fragrances to make the treatment smell more appealing and, thus, more marketable. However, these fragrances “can trigger irritation in over 20 percent of the American population,” causing allergic reactions and rashes.
  • Emollients: This smooth, softening, feel-good ingredient is found most commonly in moisturizers, creams, and even psoriasis treatment ointments. While some emollients can be safe for the skin, there are a few types such as cocoa butter, coconut butter, and lanolin that can cause breakouts, especially if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin. 

CBD Beauty Products

Whether you are an Ulta regular or just started dipping your toe into the beauty industry, it’s hard to miss the influx of CBD-infused beauty products that have been cropping up along the aisles of cosmetic stores and facial shops alike.

“Clean Beauty,” a trend promoting the use of natural, toxin-free ingredients, has seen a significant spike in recent years.

It’s a viable option for those who have had little luck with traditional beauty products or who want to start fresh.

CBD oils and serums can be easily found in the “Clean Beauty” section of most skincare and beauty stores.

Why Should I Try CBD on my face?

cbd has analgesic and anti inflammatory properties

Cannabidiol or “CBD” has been highly acclaimed in the beauty industry for its analgesic (pain- reducing) and anti-inflammatory properties.

This is excellent news for someone who has suffered from irritated, red skin, or recurrent acne.

Unlike its acid and retinoid counterparts, CBD is a non-steroidal, non-synthetic, oil and inflammation reducer.

As more research is revealed about the harmful chemicals laced into everyday moisturizers, creams, and ointments, consumers are broadening their horizons and looking into oils and essences found in nature that can do the trick.

Companies like Sephora have embraced this trend and now offer shoppers natural products from their “Clean at Sephora” line.

Products with this seal are notably “without parabens, sulfates SLS and SLES, phthalates, mineral oils, formaldehyde, and more.”

Amongst the “Clean at Sephora” products, you can find some CBD items. Here are some of their top-rated options:

For a full guide on some of Sephora’s hottest CBD products, check out this quick review.

Will CBD Products Get Me High?


This boils down to the THC vs. CBD common misconception.

The THC and CBD cannabinoids are both found in the hemp and marijuana plants.

Though they are similar in much of their composition, only THC will give you a “high.”

Additionally, research shows that CBD can prevent a high.

cbd products are safe and clean

Dealing with skin issues can be frustrating, but CBD-derived products are a safe, clean alternative.

If you experience skin irritation, redness, dryness, or are just curious about trying out CBD-based skincare products, consider talking to your dermatologist.

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