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CBD News Roundup: California Bill Would Legitimize Hemp Retail Products

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Written by The CBD Insider

Here’s the latest CBD news:

  • A bill currently passing through the California legislature would allow the retail sale of hemp products (and recently had a smokable hemp ban removed from the language).
  • A Leafreport survey shows that half of pet owners use CBD for their pets, among other insights.
  • UK-Based CBD Science Group gets the nod from the National Cancer Research Institute for their upcoming study testing CBD for cancer pain. 

California Bill (AB-45) Would Legitimize Hemp Retail Products

The CBD Insider was recently notified by the U.S. Hemp Roundtable that AB 45, a California bill looking to “explicitly permit the retail sale of hemp-derived extracts such as CBD in California” that is currently making its way through the state’s legislature, has been updated to remove a ban on smokable hemp.

Originally, the bill was intended to prevent the sale of smokable hemp products, but consistent lobbying from the US Hemp Roundtable was ultimately successful after it struck a deal with Governor Gavin Newsom.

Smokable hemp products will now be phased into the market while also allowing manufacturers to immediately create them.

Overall, AB 45 proposes to amend, add to, and/or repeal roughly a dozen sections of the Health and Safety code relating to industrial hemp.

Here’s a brief summary of the more notable proposals in the bill that would decriminalize, regulate, and/or legitimize hemp for the retail space and others:

From the Legislative Council’s Digest:

  • “This bill would state that a dietary supplement, food, beverage, cosmetic, or pet food is not adulterated by the inclusion of industrial hemp or cannabinoids … if those substances meet specified requirements.”
  • “This bill would create an authorization process for hemp manufacturers … including requirements for testing and labeling on products.”
  • “The bill would require the Department of Food and Agriculture and the State Department of Public Health … to develop a process to share license, registration, cultivar, and enforcement information to facilitate compliance and enforcement against unlicensed manufacturers…”

From the bill language:

  • Section 111928.5 (a): “On or before July 1, 2021, the cannabis licensing authorities … shall prepare a report to the Governor outlining the steps necessary to allow for the incorporation of hemp cannabinoids into the cannabis supply chain. The report shall include, but not be limited to, the incorporation of hemp cannabinoids into manufactured cannabis products and the sale of hemp products at cannabis retailers.”

So far, the bill’s passage through legislative committees has been highly successful, but the U.S. Hemp Roundtable is calling on Californians to produce a large showing in favor of the bill on its final round of voting next Wednesday, September 8th. 

New Consumer Report Shows Strong Support for Pet CBD 

A Leafreport survey polling 1,448 pet owners about their perceptions and use of CBD for their pets found that 50% of respondents have at some point used CBD for their pets.

The survey was designed with 14 questions, which aimed to highlight several factors surrounding respondents’ CBD use for their pets, including, but not limited to:

  • Why they chose to use CBD (vet-recommended or not?) for their pets
  • Dosing frequency and size
  • Types of CBD products used
  • How CBD affects their pets
  • Where they get their CBD
  • How they feel about CBD for pets (would you recommend to a friend?)

Other than half of the respondents using CBD for their pets, other notable findings include the fact that pet edibles were far and away the most popular product type, and that just over two-thirds (67%) of respondents said that CBD significantly helped their pets in some way. 

Research Campaign Testing CBD for Cancer Pain Earns Support from National Cancer Research Institute

CBD Science Group, a UK-based researcher and developer of CBD-based cancer therapies, announced on Wednesday that the National Cancer Research Institute has endorsed their “Real World Evidence (RWE) study into the role that cannabinoids can play in treating cancer-related pain.”

To oversee the study, CBD Science Group has established a Clinical Advisory Board featuring prominent scientists such as Deputy Medical Director of the NHS (England’s National Health Service) Professor Mike Bewick and others in the space.

According to CBD Science Group, real-world evidence is advantageous because these studies “provide a window into how therapies perform differentially across endpoints and subpopulations,” and because “real-world performance … will lead to the development of better product profiles and performance threshold.”

With this endorsement from the Living With and Beyond Cancer Executive Group of the National Cancer Research Institute, CBD Science hopes to boost their ability to find the data they need, develop effective CBD-based therapies for cancer pain, and work with regulators to get these products to patients in need. 

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