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CBD News Roundup: Survey Illuminates Cannabis Use Trends Among Breast Cancer Patients

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Here’s the latest CBD news:

  • A new survey explores cannabis use trends among breast cancer patients.
  • Select of Curaleaf is weathering multiple lawsuits after a labeling debacle. 
  • Researchers in Rome find that CBD exerts potent protective effects on COVID-affected intestinal cells. 

New Survey Illuminates Cannabis Usage Statistics Among Breast Cancer Patients

Lankenau Medical Center (Pennsylvania) oncology specialists published the results of a study this week that sought to “characterize cannabis use among patients with breast cancer, including their reasons for and timing of use” and several other factors.

In total, 612 people with breast cancer took the anonymous online survey.

Here is a brief summary of the most notable trends found in the data:

  • 49% of respondents believed that medical cannabis could directly treat their cancer
  • 42% of respondents cited symptom relief as a reason for using cannabis
  • 39% of respondents discussed their cannabis use with their physicians

Importantly, the authors note that most participants “were unaware that product quality varied widely and depended on the source.”

Mislabeled Curaleaf Products Spark Multiple Lawsuits 

Select, an Oregon-based cannabis brand owned by Curaleaf, has endured a rash of lawsuits following the mislabeling of CBD drops.

The 1,000mg unflavored drops in question were labeled as broad-spectrum (i.e., THC free) when they actually contained THC.

As reported by Benzinga, it was discovered soon after that the brand’s THC drops did not contain measurable amounts of the cannabinoid, revealing that Select had switched labels for the two product lines. 

Included among the more severe ramifications of this switch that have led to lawsuits was the case of 79-year-old Michael Lopez, who experienced stroke-like symptoms and had to have surgery after consuming the THC-laden drops.

The batches have been recalled by Curaleaf, who cites human error as the cause.

Study: CBD Counteracts COVID-Induced Cell Damage

A new study from Sapienza University in Rome found that CBD effectively inhibited cellular damage caused by the SARS-Cov-2 “spike protein” that has been linked to potentially severe toxicity and inflammation.

Though it’s widely considered a virus that affects the respiratory system, the authors of the study noted that “the intestine is considered as an alternative site of infection and replication for severe acute respiratory syndrome by coronavirus type 2” because of the density and nature of the receptors in the gastrointestinal tract.

When they applied cannabidiol to isolated intestinal cells, the researchers found that the compound significantly prevented inflammation and cell damage, reducing all of the proinflammatory markers that the COVID spike protein tends to encourage.

Given its already established promise for treating “cytokine storms” in the lungs, which refers to an intense and potentially lethal increase in inflammation, this secondary effect bodes well for CBD-based COVID treatments. 

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