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Five CBD Coupon

Five CBD makes products with a 5:1 ratio of CBD to minor cannabinoids. This unique formulation provides consumers a more effective way to enjoy the benefits of full-spectrum CBD hemp extract. On top of that, Five CBD has some of the most affordable prices on the market.

Brand Ratings

Product Quality

30.75 pts
35 pts

Product Transparency

9.38 pts
12.5 pts

Website Experience

7 pts
7.5 pts

Customer Service

9.5 pts
10 pts

Product Value

8.69 pts
10 pts

Brand Value

23.75 pts
25 pts

Overall Score

89.06 pts
100 pts
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Our current Five CBD coupon code for September 2022 is CBDINSIDER, which is good for 25% off your order.

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To use a Five CBD coupon code:

  • First, go to
  • Next, add all the products you want to your cart.
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  • After you click “Apply Coupon,” the total should update to reflect the discount and show you how much you’ve saved.
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There are only a few restrictions associated with our CBDINSIDER coupon code.

First, coupon codes cannot be stacked with other codes.

For example, you cannot combine our 25% code with a 5% coupon for a total of 30% off your order (although that would be awesome).

Second, coupon codes are only applicable to Five CBD products found on

While you may find Five CBD products on other sites, you can only use valid Five CBD coupons on the official company site.

Other than that, there are no special restrictions on our code.

Yes, coupon code CBDINSIDER is applicable to every product on the entire Five CBD site.

Our 25% off Five CBD coupon code CBDINSIDER has an indefinite expiry date.

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You will get 25% off your entire order if you use coupon code CBDINSIDER.

As far as we are aware, there is no limit on how much you can purchase or save at Five CBD.

You can use our coupon code for multiple orders as well.

Five CBD has no coupon code for free shipping because all orders automatically qualify for free standard shipping.

According to Five CBD’ site, orders typically arrive in 4-7 days after processing if you choose standard shipping.

Expedited shipping can be purchased for varying prices.

Yes, Five CBD offers a 35% discount per month to veterans and active-duty military personnel.

However, veterans and military personnel can use our CBDINSIDER to get 25% off every order.

There may be a list of Five CBD coupons on Reddit.

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Currently, we do not have any coupons specifically for CBD oil tinctures, but you can CBDINSIDER to get 25% off every Five CBD tincture.

If for any reason a Five CBD coupon code doesn’t work, please contact Five CBD using their contact page, or reach out to us at the following email:

We like Five CBD because of their formulations, THC content, and affordable prices.

First, some background on the company.


According to founder JP, Five CBD was launched in late 2020 as an opportunity to bring top-quality CBD products directly to consumers.

Thanks to his already successful track record at Medterra—Five’s parent company—JP and company were able to lean on their experience, resources, and well-established presence in the CBD space to get this new brand off the ground in the middle of a pandemic.

When asked to summarize Five’s mission, the founder told us, “We’re focused on the highest quality product at the best price to the consumer.”

Since the brand’s inception, Five has rolled out several full-spectrum hemp products, including gummies, capsules, oils, and CBD chocolate.


The greatest differentiator between Five and everyone else cramming into the CBD industry at the moment is what they call their “fully powered full-spectrum” formulation.

“A lot of the products on the market are diluted with (CBD) isolate to make them cheaper,” said JP in reference to full-spectrum CBD, which is Five’s sole focus.

As their way of one-upping the status quo, Five has vowed to maintain a 5:1 ratio of CBD to minor hemp compounds (terpenes, flavonoids, etc.) in all formulations.

Soon, they’re going to establish a 5:1 ratio of CBD to minor cannabinoids as well.

By sticking to this unconventionally high ratio of minor compounds to CBD, Five is leveraging the entourage effect (strength-boosting action of multiple hemp compounds working together) for greater absorption speed and potency.


They aren’t shy about the THC content, either.

Unlike other brands who only cordon off the bottom half-inch of the product page footer for tiny THC content warnings (or 0.0% THC claims, which are problematic in the case of full-spectrum products), Five THC doesn’t make you dig for this information. 


Best of all, their lean, direct-to-consumer model allows Five to keep prices low while competing against the biggest names in CBD for highest product quality.


We don’t normally call too much attention to a brand’s individual products on these coupon pages, but in the case of Five CBD, which was just established in late 2020, we have to make an exception.

To date, Five CBD’s Daily Buzz Gummies are the most effective we have tried for both stress and discomfort.

Founder JP Larsen emphasized to us multiple times that part of the company’s mission is to develop hemp-based products that you can actually feel working, a concept perfectly embodied by these gummies, which contain 50 milligrams of CBD and 5 milligrams of THC each.

The first time we tried the Daily Buzz gummies, our team of testers couldn’t deny the potency; we felt significant improvements in stress and discomfort the same day we took it and every time afterwards – and that’s just from 1-2 gummies per day. 

THC isn’t the only cannabinoid making its presence known, as Five has pledged to maintain an industry-leading 5:1 ratio of CBD to minor cannabinoids, further boosting the entourage effect.

It also doesn’t hurt that these gummies are among the cheapest in the industry, costing just $0.04/mg of CBD in the case of the Daily Buzz gummies.


If you want a more in-depth look at Five CBD, their manufacturing process, and brief reviews about some of their products, then please see our Five CBD Brand Review.